Nimble CSV Import Template

  To bring your data into Nimble from another system, you must format your CSV file according to our guidelines. If you are using Microsoft Outlook, please visit this article for the steps to bring your contacts to Nimble. 

Check out this video to learn how to migrate your CSV contacts into Nimble. These can be contacts from an existing CRM or any other contact source. 

Important Notes:

Social profiles may not be imported to Nimble via CSV import due to API limitations. You may only import social profiles from a direct network connection in Settings >> Networks & Imports.

If you're a PC user, we have an Excel plugin that helps you bypass this manual configuration, Please see our article here: Excel to CSV Converter

Table of Contents

1. Formatting Overview
2. Field Header Overview
Field Hierarchy
4. Importing Custom Fields
5. Updating Contacts via CSV upload
6. Importing Data for People or Companies Only

7. Where do I Import my CSV for Nimble? 
8. Other Notes

Before getting started, it is very helpful to download our CSV template to go along this walkthrough, it is attached at the bottom of this page. 

1. CSV Formatting Overview

Your CSV file must be formatted as a table and must include a header, or first line, that defines the fields in your table. Nimble accepts a very strict set of headers, please see our CSV template for a point of reference, 

Nimble does not support a complete 'Full Name' header field, so you will need to separate first and last names into different columns by using "Text to Columns [More Info Here].

Here's an example of a sample file that can be created using Microsoft Excel (the first row is the header and following rows are the contact info):

By saving this table as a .csv file, and importing it in to Nimble, two records – Natalie Portman and Jude Law – are added to your Contacts list.


2. Field Header Overview

The following headers are accepted in Nimble (case insensitive):

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company
  • Title
  • Tag 1
  • Main Phone 1 
    • Other than "Main", you can input "Work", "Mobile", "Home", "Home fax", "Work fax", "Other"
For the Address headers below, please use the "short" en dash (–) , not the "long" em dash (—) 
  • Work Address 1 - Street 
    • Other than "Work", you can input  "Home", "Other"
  • Work Address 1 - City 
  • Work Address 1 - State 
  • Work Address 1 - Zip 
  • Work Address 1 - Country 
  • Work Email 1 
    • Other than "Work", you can input  "Personal", and "Other"
  • Work URL 1
    • Other than "Work", you can input "Personal", "Blog", "Other" 
  • Skype id 1
    • The value accepted in this field is the skype ID of the contact
  • Description
  • Lead source
  • Birthday
  • Lead Type
  • Rating (1-5 rating scale)

If you don't specify a type for a field: "Work", "Home", Mobile", "Personal"...etc, Nimble will default to "Other"

3. Field Hierarchy

Here's the hierarchy we have for field headers, dictating which field values appear at the top of contact records in Nimble. 

Phone modifiers:
1. Main 
2. Work 
3. Mobile 
4. Home 
5. Work Fax 
6. Home Fax 
7. Other 

Email modifiers 
1. Work 
2. Personal 
3. Other 

Address modifier 
1. Work 
2. Home 
3. Other 

Importing Custom Fields

For importing custom fields, simply use the same field names you have in Nimble for your headers in the CSV. All headers in Nimble are case insensitive. If a header name is in lowercase, it will still import.

Example: To import data into the Nimble custom fields: "Create Date" , "Salesperson", "Customer Type", "Last Activity" (Not sure how to create custom fields? Check out this FAQ)

The CSV should have headers that look like this:


5.Updating Contacts vis CSV Import

To update contacts via CSV import, import your CSV file in *Settings >> Networks & Imports* under the "Generic CSV" option. Select the "Override existing fields" option, and all fields will be updated or overwritten. 

Fields that will be overwritten:

Single-value fields: Name, Title, Company, Description, custom fields - Nimble will override these fields with the data from the CSV field.

Fields that will be appended: 

Multi-value fields: phone numbers, addresses, websites...etc. - Nimble will append new data from the CSV into the record.


You have an existing contact "Aleksey Gorovoy" (with Title "CEO")
Your CSV import has the repeat contact "Aleksey Gorovoy" (with Title "PM" )

The merged contact record will result in: the contact "Aleksey Gorovoy" (Title "PM")at the end of importing.
Note: Keep in mind that multi-value fields (ex: addresses, phones, URLs) are limited to 10 values per contact.


6. Importing Only for People or Companies

(Note: This is applicable ONLY if you are importing people and company data in one CSV file. This is only for users that want to import separate data to company and people records)

Aside from fields that are native to the Person record like "First Name" , "Last Name", and "Title", you can specify if each custom field/Nimble field should be imported into the:

1. Person record
2. Company record
3. both the Person and Company record

To specify a field to go into a Person record only - leave the headers as they are. 

Example: Tag 1 , Website 1, Email 1, Home Address 1 - Street , Lead Type

To specify a field to go into a Company record only - append "__CO" after the headers. (Please use two underscores "_", not one)

Example: Tag 1__CO , Website 1__CO, Home Address 1 - Street__CO, Lead Type__CO

To specify a field to go into both Person AND Company records - append "__ALL" after the headers. (Please use two underscores "_", not one)

Example: Tag 1__ALL, Website 1__ALL, Home Address 1 - Street__ALL, Lead Type __ALL

For addresses, be sure to stay consistent and append "__CO" or "__ALL" to all the headers: Street, City, State, Country, and Zip for one address.


Home Address 1 - Street__CO 
Home Address 1 - City__CO
Home Address 1 - State__CO
Home Address 1 - Country__CO
Home Address 1 - Zip__CO

If you are NOT importing company and people data in one csv file (ie. You import one CSV file just on People, and another CSV file on Companies) , please do not use suffixes "__CO" and "__ALL". 

Use the appropriate headers and omit suffixes.

Example: Tag 1, Work Phone 1, URL 1, Home Address 1 - Street ...etc.

7. Where do I Import my CSV in Nimble? 

Go to Settings >> Networks & Imports and attach your CSV file under the "Generic CSV" option. 


8. Other Notes

1. Nimble does not support Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Address Line 3...etc. header fields. You will need to concatenate these different columns into one and use the header how to concatenate, click here.

2. Fields that have numbers, you can have as many of those fields as you want, you simply need to increment the number next to them. For example, if you want to have 3 phone numbers for a contact record (one Work, one Personal, one Mobile), you would have the following 3 fields in your CSV file:


3. Tags have a character limit of 25. 10 tags per CSV file.

4. You cannot have special characters in tags
ex: "Don't Market"  (Nimble will not accept the apostrophe) 
ex: I&D Customer (Nimble will not accept the "&")

5. Nimble will accept csv files formatted with UTF-8 and text separated by commas (it will not work for tabs)

6. When importing people data, please be sure that the "First" name and "Last" name columns are filled. If you have "First" name but not "Last" name, the data will not import. 

7. When entering your addresses, please have columns for all header names EVEN if some of the columns are empty (ie. you only have city and state for your contacts):

Include all these fields in your csv file
Home Address 1 - Street
Home Address 1 - City
Home Address 1 - State
Home Address 1 - Country
Home Address 1 - Zip

8. Nimble can support importing up to 10,000 contacts at a time. For CSV files, this means you may have up to 10,001 rows in your file (1 header row, and 10,000 rows for contacts).

Once you've entered all of your contacts into a table, save the document and select CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) as the type of file you'd like to save. If prompted to verify your selection, click Yes or OK.

For more information about CSV files, open Help in Excel.

** If you are having trouble downloading the attached CSV file in this FAQ - here's a workaround:

1. Right click on the attachment
2. Select "Save Link As"
3. Add the extension ".csv" and save
4. Find the file on your desktop and open it

If you have any questions, please send us an email at or join us for our Q&As Monday - Friday from 9am - 9:30am PST. Register here:  


Nimble_Default_Template.csv Nimble_Default_Template.csv

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