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  The first step to success for using Nimble is to upload your company contacts from an existing CRM, Outlook, or other sources. Once you add your contacts to Nimble, you'll be able to take advantage of all the Sales & Marketing features in Nimble. 

We built the CSV Import Wizard for Nimble as an in-app utility, allowing you to load any CSV file into Nimble and then match the fields for import to Nimble. Upload the file into Nimble, match the fields, and let our Wizard do the rest! 

Table of Contents
Getting Started With the Wizard
Data Sources
Matching Columns and Fields
Importing Custom Fields

Field Hierarchy
Bulk Updating Contacts via Import

Getting Started With the Wizard
Our CSV Import Wizard that can be found in Settings >> Networks & Imports >> "Start Wizard". 

Data Sources

When adding your CSV file to Nimble, you may select your existing data source via our drop-down. By default we support - 
ACT!, Base CRM, Capsule, Highrise, Insightly, LinkedIn, Nutshell, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, Pipedrive, Prosperworks, Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Yahoo Mail, Zoho. 

If you are importing from another source or from a proprietary spreadsheet, skip this step to the "Match Fields" step. 

Matching Columns and Fields

Once you load your CSV file, you'll be brought to the "Field Matching" page. The "Column name" column on the left will contain fields from your import file, while the "Nimble field" column enables you to find and match corresponding Nimble fields. 

In each row, find the corresponding fields to match by searching the field selection. 

Importing Custom Fields

For Custom Data fields, you will first have to create the fields in Settings >> Data Fields and then you may find the fields in our Import Wizard. Learn more about Custom Data Fields here.

Important Note:

Social profiles may not be imported to Nimble via CSV import due to API limitations. You may only import social profiles from a direct network connection in Settings >> Networks & Imports.


Field Hierarchy
Here's the hierarchy we have for field headers, dictating which field values appear at the top of contact records in Nimble. 
Phone modifiers:
1. Main 
2. Work 
3. Mobile 
4. Home 
5. Work Fax 
6. Home Fax 
7. Other 

Email modifiers 
1. Work 
2. Personal 
3. Other 

Address modifier 
1. Work 
2. Home 
3. Other 


Updating Contacts via CSV Import
To update contacts via CSV import, select the "Override existing fields" option, and all fields will be updated or overwritten. 

Fields that will be overwritten:
Single-value fields: Name, Title, Company, Description, custom fields - Nimble will override these fields with the data from the CSV field.

Fields that will be appended: 
Multi-value fields: phone numbers, addresses, websites...etc. - Nimble will append new data from the CSV into the record.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at or join us for our Q&As Monday - Friday from 9am - 9:30am PST. Register here:  


Nimble_Default_Template.csv Nimble_Default_Template.csv

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