Rapportive Integration Setup

As of July 31st, 2014 Rapportive will no longer have Raplets available and this integration will no longer be available. Feel free to try our Nimble Everywhere Widget to get many more features of Nimble in your browser. 

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What this plugin can do:

1. When looking at a recipient/sender in Gmail - IF this contact exist in Nimble, Nimble will display the contact's:

        - name
        - title
        - company
        - phone numbers
        - addresses
        - descriptions
        - a link to the contact record (in Nimble)

*This data will display in Rapportive provided that there is data in the contact record in Nimble

2. When looking at a recipient/sender in Gmail - IF this contact DOES NOT exist in Nimble, Nimble will give you the ability to import the contact in including his/her social profiles.

*Note: Users must have Twitter connected to their Nimble accounts in order to use this integration

Adding Nimble Raplet to Rapportive:

To use Nimble Raplet for Rapportive, be sure you have Rapportive installed in your Gmail already:

1. Go to http://rapportive.com/install with your favorite browser and install the plugin.

2. Go to Gmail and make sure that Rapportive is correctly installed.

3. Once you've successfully installed Rapportive, go into Nimble to the Settings >> Integrations page, select Rapportive and "Install Nimble raplet".

4. This will open a new tab on Rapportive's site, then select "Add Nimble CRM to Rapportive".

5. Scroll down to confirm that the Nimble Raplet is installed.

Now in Rapportive, you can see a small Nimble icon displaying the sender/recipient's information.

Or, if he's not a contact in Nimble, import him in from Rapportive!

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