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Tags Overview

Last Updated: Sep 13, 2013 04:22PM PDT

Tags in Nimble function to help you organize your contacts into different groups. Tags allow you to label, group, and identify your contacts and activities. 

Here's an example of tags from the Contacts tab: 

How do I create tags? 

You can create tags in the Contact Record or in the Activities Edit box. 



How to Create a Tag

For Contacts

1. Select the person/company record you want to bookmark

2. Under the person/company name, select Add Tags

3. Enter the tag's name and click Add

You've successfully created a "Group" with this tag. To add other contacts to this group,  follow steps 1 & 2 above and then type in the tag's name you've created. Select the tag in the dropdown. It will automatically add the tag. To view all the contacts in this group, click on the tag.

For Activities/Events

1. Select New Activity under the Activities Tab or under a specific Contact/Company profile

2. Pick Task or Event. Click Show More Options

3. Create or enter a tag name in the "Add tags" field



To view activities/events associated with the tag, go to Activities Tab and at the top right, look for:

"Show activities assigned to:   me   tagged with:  any tag"

Select "any tag" and pick a tag in the dropdown list.

How to Delete a Tag:

For Contacts

1. To remove someone from the group, go to the person/company's record

2. Click Edit Tags and check the tags you want to delete

3. Click on the trash icon.

Note: We don't support deleting tags for Activities or Events at this time. 




How to Rename a Tag:

For Contacts

1. Select the tag you want to rename from the "Tags" list in Contacts tab. All the contacts associated will be listed.

2. Hover over the tag and click on the pencil icon.               

3. Rename your tag and select the check to confirm. This will change the tag's name for everyone in the group.


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