Search Overview

This is an overview of the Search features available in Nimble. 

Quick Search

Quick search is accessible from any tab you are on in Nimble. You can segment your search by People & Companies, Messages, Signals, or Deals

What can I search?


- First and Last Name
- Company
- Title
- Description
- Email 


- Email sender
- Email recipient
- Email BCC/CC
- Email address
- Email subject


- Twitter handles
- Twitter hashtags
- Twitter special search (ex. “social web” OR “social media” OR “social news” -rt filter:links) *We can't search location at the moment. 


- Deal Name
- Deal description
- Deal related contacts


Advanced Search

For more advanced queries, our new Smart Segmentation feature helps you find contacts that match very specific criteria. You may also save segments for future use, and any new or edited contacts that meet the segment criteria will automatically be added to that segment!

For a full walkthrough of Segmentation in Nimble, check out our support article here: Nimble Smart Segmentation Overview

If you have any questions, please send us an email at or join us for our Q&As Monday - Friday from 9am - 9:30am PST. Register here:  

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