Search Overview

This is an overview of the two types of search in Nimble: Quick and Advanced. 

Quick Search

Quick search is accessible from any tab you are on in Nimble. You can segment your search by Contacts, Messages, Signals, or Deals

What can I search?


- First and Last Name
- Company
- Title
- Description
- Email 


- Email sender
- Email recipient
- Email BCC/CC
- Email address
- Email subject


- Twitter handles
- Twitter hashtags
- Twitter special search (ex. “social web” OR “social media” OR “social news” -rt filter:links) *We can't search location at the moment. 


- Deal Name
- Deal description
- Deal related contacts


Advanced Search

The advanced search in Nimble helps you find contacts that match very specific criteria. The filters you create only apply to the current search. 

This functionality is located in the Contacts tab, next to the search bar on the top right of Nimble. When it is not in use, the word "Advanced" is defaulted to grey. Click on "Advanced", and it will turn green indicating it's turned "on". Use as many filters as you want; the more filters you use, the fewer results are returned.


You can build your search criteria around:

1) Contact type - people or companies

2) Fields with specific data using the following:
         - contains
         - does not contain
         - is
         - is not
         - is empty
         - is not empty

3) Creation date is (within or in the last) ___ (days/weeks/months)

4) Custom fields  - for custom fields, simply scroll down in the popup box (shown below) to select a custom field (custom fields are listed at the end of the list) or type in the search box the name of your custom field. Then enter/select the value for the field so Nimble can search on it.


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