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Nimble "Smart Summary" Feedback Thread

Hi, We launched a beta of our new Smart Summary feature when you view your contacts within Nimble. The Smart Summary is actionable information you need to know -- useful to you immediately and updated d...

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Nimble Smart Summary "Share" Function Feedback

Hi, We added a "share" function to the Smart Summary feature in Nimble, enabling you to email the "Smart Summary" to one of your contacts to promote the intelligence you've found on...

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twitter and facebook accounts

Hi, I am working on a contract basis for a company using Nimble which I have access to and has setup for the company. I don't wish to use my personal twitter and facebook accounts but want to setup the com...

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Make an image a clickable link

I'm building an email template that contains a brief animated GIF. Is it possible to make the image a clickable link to a web address? Thank you!

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Sort contacts by postcode

Hi, I am trying to find a way to quickly look up all the contacts I have in a certain postcode areas (sorting facility) but I am not able to decipher how I can do this? We work on a business license model with ...

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"i am looking or a partner service to enable text from within nimble

at present i use "mighty text" to enable a text system to linking my mobile phone to my pc is there a similer app partner to Nimble that enables me to text from within Nimble

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Can't delete deal stages

I keep getting an error when trying to delete a deal stage in Settings. None of my deals are in that stage, so it shouldn't prohibit me from deleting it, yet it is.

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all contacts one page?

Hi folks Is there a way to show all my contacts on one page? Or at least 100 contacts/page. It's much easier for someone to scroll with a wheel mouse than it is to try and click the small numbers at the...

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best way to categorize

What's the best/preferred way to "categorize" groups of people? In Contactually you had "buckets," so for example I would have a bucket for employees, one for clients, and so on. Wha...

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