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Nimble "Smart Summary" Feedback Thread

Hi, We launched a beta of our new Smart Summary feature when you view your contacts within Nimble. The Smart Summary is actionable information you need to know -- useful to you immediately and updated d...

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Nimble Smart Summary "Share" Function Feedback

Hi, We added a "share" function to the Smart Summary feature in Nimble, enabling you to email the "Smart Summary" to one of your contacts to promote the intelligence you've found on...

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"Today Dashboard"

Does the Today Page work in the trial? We are trying to figure out if this will work for our business, but nothing is happening on our Today Page, even when we set events.

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Social Data Exportable

Is it possible to capture all of the social links and export them along with other ,csv information?

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import contacts gmail

Is there a way to import only certain groups from gmail?

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Why is there no date filed attached to 'recently added'?

Am I missing it? I added companies through the Nimble's Google app about 4 days ago and now need to contact them. I have since e-mailed dozens of other companies. I see no 'date added' field. ...

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Quickbook customer invoice numbers

Is there an app for linking QuickBooks customer invoice data into Nimble. I would like to view the customer information (Company) in Nimble and see what their previous invoices were and if there are any outsta...

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Multiple Pipelines

Hello - Is it possible to create more than one "Deal" type (more than one "Pipeline" really) that can have different "Stages" in each pipeline? Thanks, James

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Export to Excel

Is there any way to customize the way Nimble exports its data? I would like to export only the names and addresses of certain contacts, nothing more. I need it to print labels for my mailings. Thanks a lot f...

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Font in recipient emails?

Anyone know the font appearance as it is seen by the recipient?

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