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Nimble "Smart Summary" Feedback Thread

Hi, We launched a beta of our new Smart Summary feature when you view your contacts within Nimble. The Smart Summary is actionable information you need to know -- useful to you immediately and updated d...

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Nimble Smart Summary "Share" Function Feedback

Hi, We added a "share" function to the Smart Summary feature in Nimble, enabling you to email the "Smart Summary" to one of your contacts to promote the intelligence you've found on a contact through Nimble...

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export contact from linkedin

It seems that export from my linkedin basic account doesn't work anymore. I did some time ago, but it no longer works. Someone could help me ? Thank's

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Link mailing activity from MailChimp to Nimble

How can I record an email campaign sent through MailChimp in the Nimble activity log?

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Integration with Constant Contact

Has anyone integrated Nimble with Constant Contact ?

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Does Import Spreadsheet Field Labels Have to be In Order?

I have made sure that the field labels matched nimble, but do they also have to be in some sort of sequential order too?

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iCal Sync

Hi, Do you sync with iCal yet - Your plans was for 2014?

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Search on lead fields

I can't find anyway to do a search/sort based on the contact lead fields. This seems like it would be an obvious feature. What am I missing?

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Referral of a Lifetime

Hi All. I am a student of the book The Referral of a Life Time. One of the primary principles is to rank your contacts by A,B,C and based on the ranking, keeping in touch with them by providing meaning info...

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Multiple Deal Stages based on Client type

I'm a residential real estate agent. I'd like to use Nimble. I see no way to track my "Deals" given only 1 set of Deal stages. Deal stages are quite different with Buyer clients than Seller clients, unless I do...

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