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Nimble "Smart Summary" Feedback Thread

Hi, We launched a beta of our new Smart Summary feature when you view your contacts within Nimble. The Smart Summary is actionable information you need to know -- useful to you immediately and updated d...

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Nimble Smart Summary "Share" Function Feedback

Hi, We added a "share" function to the Smart Summary feature in Nimble, enabling you to email the "Smart Summary" to one of your contacts to promote the intelligence you've found on a contact through Nimble...

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Resize Pipeline Column Width - Avoid Horizontal Scrolling

I'm trying out Nimble beyond the free trial and want to have 9 stages in my pipeline. I'm used to Pipedrive and their flexible column widths - can Nimble do this?

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url as compulsory field

Hi Nimble Team, Recently you made an update where we are unable to create a business contact without a url. Is there a setting to make this field non-compulsory? Thanks Matt

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Facebook pages

At the signup I was given the choice for Nimble to manage my Facebook Pages, but with no option to select among the various Facebook pages for which I am owner or admin. I have my own page and I'm an admin ...

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Comparing tagged contacts

If I click on 2 tags I can view contacts that are tagged in both instances. How do I see contacts that are only tagged in one list and not the other?

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British Summer Time (BST)

Hi There is no allowance for british summer time? It just states GMT+0.00 for London.

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Instagram Signals

Hi! Does Signals integrate into Instagram yet? So much of our product and customer interest is happening via Instagram, so it would be really great to be able to see when people are mentioning the company or...

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True Multi Currency

I am assuming that we are fixed to one currency in Nimble ie we cannot create a deal in one currency eg USD and then another in CAD. If this is the case do you have any plans to introduce in app multiple curre...

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I am using Zoho and I am looking for an alternative system. My zoho issue is emails not being delivered when emailing out of the zohocrm. So my question does Nimble do the following email integration for send...

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