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Nimble "Smart Summary" Feedback Thread

Hi, We launched a beta of our new Smart Summary feature when you view your contacts within Nimble. The Smart Summary is actionable information you need to know -- useful to you immediately and updated d...

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Nimble Smart Summary "Share" Function Feedback

Hi, We added a "share" function to the Smart Summary feature in Nimble, enabling you to email the "Smart Summary" to one of your contacts to promote the intelligence you've found on...

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Export - Delete - Re-Import

I am trying to update a bunch of records using offline tools that are easier to use than the Nimble interface. The problem is that when I re-import these modified records - even with the replace option selected...

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Bulk deleting of a tag

Selecting multipe contacts to add a tag is easy. But I did not notice an option to do the opposite. Is there any way to select multiple contacts and to delete a specific tag from all selected contacts?

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linkedin photo Import

Often times the LinkedIn photo for a contact is not imported into Nimble. It is displayed in the LinkedIn profile. How can I get it to import without saving and uploading?

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Deleting a user

When a user is deleted and no longer using nimble, is their email history deleted as well?

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Adding email signature to a template email

I have set up my email signature but when I try to use a template, the signature disappears. Is there a way to always show the signature on outgoing emails?

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Working with Teams

Is it possible to determine which nimble user "ownes" a contact/company listed in Nimble? We are an office of independent sales people and need to make sure we are not calling on an account that someo...

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Inbox by Gmail

does email tracking work with Inbox by Gmail?

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Not updating last contact information

Just e-mailed a contact through the nimble platform and it didn't update my last contact information with the person. What gives?

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