Introduction to the Removed Contacts filter

We understand that your CRM data is valuable and we introduced this trash bin functionality to Nimble to help give you an extra layer of security before you delete contacts from your account.

What plan is the Removed Contacts filter available on? 

The Removed Contacts filter is available on the Nimble Business.

Legacy accounts may "Undo" a deletion operation within 5 seconds of a deletion request, but there is no Removed Contacts filter. 

Do Removed Contacts count towards my contact quota? 

Yes, contacts in the Removed Contacts filter are still stored in Nimble, therefore, they count towards your account quota until they're permanently deleted. 

Who can permanently delete contacts? 

Any user can restore contacts, but account administrators are the only users that can permanently delete contacts. You may also change the default deletion interval to automate this process (read more below). 

How can I configure automatic deletion? 

Your account administrator may also set up an interval for automatic deletion of contacts. By default, this is set for 60 days. 

Administrators on the Business Plan may set up a custom deletion interval in Settings >> My Account under "Deleted Contacts History". 

How to review contacts in the Remove Contacts filter

When you delete a contact, they will now move to the "Removed Contacts" filter. In this filter, you'll see the "Deletion Date" and "Deleted By" values. These columns help you review who deleted a contact and when it occurred. 

Once you have selected contacts for deletion, they will appear under the "Removed Contacts" filter on the left-hand side of the Contacts tab. Visit this filter to review contacts to either permanently delete or restore them. 

How to Permanently Delete Contacts

Once you have confirmed that you want to delete a contact in this filter, simply select the contacts and choose "Delete Permanently". 

Note: This action cannot be undone and all deletions are final. 

How to restore contacts

Restoring a contact will undo everything from the deletion operation. All linked objects like activities, deals, notes, tags, and messages will reappear on the restored contact record. 

Restoring from the list view

Select the contacts from your "Removed Contacts" filter that you would like to restore, then select the "Restore" button. 

Restoring from the contact view

That's all for now! 

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