A quick walk through Nimble's feature and benefits. As well as getting started with connecting your email and social accounts, importing contacts, connecting your calendars and taking Nimble with you anywhere you work!

Learn how to migrate your contacts to Nimble via CSV file.

Take Nimble anywhere you work on the web to gather insight on potential and existing leads with the Nimble Prospector App!

The Today Page gives you a clear, custom view of your calendar appointments, tasks, sales pipeline, social signals, and action items for the day.  Start your day with essential insights about your contacts to take actions that will help you build better relationships and close more business.

Take a tour of Nimble's contact listing:

Learn how to track your sales, projects and other business opportunities on multiple pipeline (available on all Business Plans)

Take a tour of our Group Messaging feature (available on all Business Plans)

Learn how to create email templates in Nimble (available on all Business Plans)

More helpful video tutorials can be found on our Youtube Channel here: 

If you have any questions, please write us at care@nimble.com, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT. 

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