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Nimble Activity Listing Feature
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The "Activity Listing" feature enables you and your team members to gather all the context surrounding a contact and log all the interactions (calls, meetings, emails, etc.) you've had on that contact to help you stay mindful of your most important follow-up opportunities. Additionally, managers can keep track of their team and measure their performance.

The Activities Listing provides you with a comprehensive table of scheduled and completed activities. The table columns can be configured to quickly see which data is important to you. Additionally, activities can be exported.

As a Nimble user, you will benefit from a more robust activity tracking system; as a manager, you can track the activity levels of your sales team, compare between users, and make changes over time. 

What's included in the Activities Listing

  • More context surrounding a contact from a comprehensive history of interactions. 

  • Measurable performance reports on activity for managers.

  • The ability to update last interaction status to helps businesses more effectively schedule follow ups that maintain or improve relationships.

  • The ability to reorder the columns in the table component.

  • Inline editing for specific columns such as "Activity Name," "Related Contact," "Description," "Related Deal,"etc.

  • The ability to quickly see which data is important to you by configuring table settings.

"Activities Listing"

To view the "Activities Listing," feature head to your Activities tab and select "Listing".

You will be able to view a table of scheduled and completed activities including Tasks, Events, and Calls that are upcoming, completed, and delegated. 

Use Quick Filters to take smart action on your contacts

We created five “Quick Filters” that enable the easy selection of common search criteria. Quick Filters include:

  • Tasks

  • Events

  • Calls 

  • Completed

  • Assigned To Me

Select a quick filter to easily view activities that are important to you.

Modifying Activity List

Quickly modify an activities list by selecting the three dots next to a header's name. Any header that features the three dots will enable you to sort the columns.

For example, if I wanted to see all events related to a given contact, I can select the three dots next to "Type" and choose "Events." I can then select the three dots next to "Related Contacts" and search for that contact. All events related to this contact will now appear.

You can search by multiples for contacts, deals, and tags 

Configure "Activity Listing" Table

For column selection and reordering we've add the option to "Configure Table." Now, you can drag and drop to customize the order of your columns. This way, you see the most relevant information at a glance.

A pin button has also been added, providing you with the ability to fix columns to the start of your list and all other columns will display thereafter. 

Saved Filters

Save filters you like so you can quickly reuse them on the activity table. 

To create a new "Saved Filter", select the third dots next to "Type" and choose your filters. Now select, "Save Filter" and give it a name. Your new filter will be private to you and will display under the "Save Filters" list in alphabetical order .

To delete the filter, click the drop-down arrow next to "Saved Filters" and select "Settings". You'll then see the option to delete the filter.

Inline Editing

Inline editing has been added to help amplify your workflow and save time on clicks. Simply hover on a field and a pencil icon will appear. Select the pencil and you'll be able to make edits inline. 

Create "Custom Activity Types" 

In addition to tracking your tasks, calls, and events, Nimble also enables you to create and track your own customized activity types to allow for more granularity in logging activities. Some examples of the activity types you may create are "Webinars," "Appointments," "Campaigns," and more. 

As the admin of the account, you will be able to create the activity and users will then be able to access the activity type and log data.

To setup a custom activity type, just visit Settings >> Activities. You can then choose "Create Custom Activity" and start creating your new form.

Before saving your new activity type, be sure to choose whether this activity will update your contact's last contacted date once it is completed. Please note that no changes can be made to the activity type after creation.

You can now start creating new activity under your custom type. To do this, just visit a contact/company, deal or Activity Tab and select "Add Activity". You can then choose you new activity type to log the action.

Export Activities to a CSV file

Exporting activities is available in Nimble. 

To start, select the "Export"  button and a pop-up window will appear. You will see the exact input of starting and ending date range at pop-up. Once you've select your date range, hit "export." Nimble will deliver a CSV file with your exported activities right to your inbox.

Logging Calls, Tasks, and Events from Activities Listing

We've made it easier to quickly log Tasks, Events, and Calls from the Activities listing.

The "Call" feature enables you to quickly log and schedule activities related to a contact. This feature includes the ability to schedule a call date/time, log call duration, call resolution, completion date/time, and more.

In Activities Listing, select "Call" to launch the pop-up window.

Once the call is logged, you will be able to view a list of completed and scheduled activities columns below.

Logging a call will also update the "Last Contacted" date with the information that has been entered. When a call is completed as "successful" or "left voicemail," the last contacted date field will update automatically.

We would love to hear your feedback or questions about our latest feature, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT. 

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