If you are a user of the Outlook Customer Manager and are on our Nimble Customer Manager plan, you can bring your data to Nimble. The Nimble Customer Manager plan was created to help transition Outlook Customer Manager users to an alternative CRM in the anticipation of its closure. Microsoft has created a special arrangement with Nimble to facilitate the transition of OCM customers to Nimble as they sunset Outlook Customer Manager. 

The following are clarified instructions from Microsoft's doc: Export or delete your Outlook Customer Manager data 

Windows Users:

  1. Create a new folder in the root of your disk C: (or you can replace it to any other disk of your choosing). Name it “OCM” for simplicity. 
  2. Download or move the script from Microsoft to that folder, launch the PowerShell as administrator. Details in Microsoft doc: Export or delete your Outlook Customer Manager data  . Script download link: Script Outlook Customer Manager Data Export
  3. Type in the PowerShell the following: cd C:\OCM (or if you put other disk letter, replace C: with that letter). This will change the location to the folder C:\OCM
  4. Now, to ensure that you have the Microsoft script in that folder you can type: ls . The command should display you a table including script file
  5. Execute command to allow script execution: Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Scope Process
  6. If you see the file there, then the command from Windows manual must work: .\OCM-Script.ps1 export-all-data
  7. It will ask you for your OCM credentials and will notify you about progress as it works. 

Copy text in bold into your PowerShell window.

Mac Users:
Follow instructions in the doc provided by Microsoft: Export or delete your Outlook Customer Manager data 


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