This is an overview of how to migrate contacts from Salesforce to Nimble.
What can I migrate from Salesforce?
You may migrate your contacts to Nimble and their associated contact data.
What won't I be able to migrate from Salesforce?
You will not be able to migrate the following:

  • Individually logged notes
  • Deals
  • Messages

What can I do about this important information?
For Notes - You may consolidate notes into the "Description" column on your CSV import, and import notes in a block of text.
For Deals - We do not have support for deal imports at this time, and you will need to migrate data manually into Nimble.
For Messages - We sync messages automatically to Nimble from your email accounts, therefore, we will fetch the previous 90 days' worth of emails when you first connect your email accounts to Nimble, and we will sync all future correspondence. 

Migrating Your Contacts Via PieSync

Starting April 20th 2021, the Nimble PieSync integration will no longer be available for new users to sign up. Set up the integration prior to April 20th in order to be able to enjoy Nimble + PieSync through April 21, 2022.

We have partnered with PieSync to seamlessly integrate their 2-way contact syncing functionality within your Nimble account. 

Additionally, they have offered Nimble users a free plan to keep up to 2,000 contacts synced. This makes PieSync a great solution for migrating your contacts from Salesforce to Nimble! To more about PieSync, take a look at this article: 

Getting Started with PieSync and Nimble

To get started with migrating your contacts from Salesforce via PieSync, please take the following steps:

In Nimble, go to your Settings >> Networks & Imports. Under "Quick Connect" search for Salesforce.

Authorize the connection and sign into your Salesforce account.

Once you are sign in, you are ready to setup rule-based syncing. You can also choose a one way sync from Salesforce to Nimble.

You can choose to sync your complete list of Salesforce contacts to Nimble or create intelligent sync rules by filtering by lists found in Salesforce. This way, you remain in full control of which contacts are synced to Nimble.

Migrating Your Contacts via CSV Import

To get started with migrating your contacts from Salesforce via CSV, please take the steps outlined below:
In Salesforce, take the following steps: 

1. Go to Reports >> New Report

2. Under “Select Report Type” select the Contacts & Reports folder and select “contacts & accounts”

3. Create the report and select “Run Report”.

4. After running the report, select “Save As” and name your report

5. Select the “Action” down-arrow next to your report and select “Export”

6. Select Unicode (UTF-8) for your Export File Encoding and Comma Delimited (CSV) format for Export File Format. This will download the file to your computer

7. Open the CSV file and remove the “Salutation” column so “First Name” is the first column in the CSV export.
8. Next, change the headers of the columns according to the format of our Default CSV Template which is located here: Nimble CSV Template
9. After reformatting this CSV file, sign into your Nimble account and go to Settings >> Networks & Imports and select “Generic CSV” and import your contacts.

If you have any questions, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT. 

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