Nimble has reimagined CRM by building the first relationship manager that works for you, everywhere you work. Nimble takes the biggest pain out of CRM by building contact records automatically to help manage relationships wherever you work.

Our customers love our #1 Rated Simple Smarter CRM combined with our Prospector Browser App and now we’ve built a next generation mobile relationship app to deliver the contact and company insights you’ll need to be effective for every meeting.

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How the app works:

Our iOS app combines your phone’s contacts and calendars with our rich Nimble people and company insights.

Before every meeting, we present you with clear and concise contact and company details. Imagine, no more last minute scrambling before every meeting. Our Nimble mobile app will even help you to follow up and follow through with its reminders to log notes and tasks.

Key Updates

Be Prepared - Nimble Builds a Smart Agenda from phone calendars

Sync your calendars to let Nimble build your daily agenda with insights on who you're meeting with. You can select any of your phone's calendars to display in our Nimble mobile app enriched with detailed contact and company insights for every engagement.

Events Page

  • Centered around your daily agenda: See all of your upcoming events in a clean list view. Quickly Create Events from the app home page. 
  • See All Your Phone calendars:  At the current moment, events are read-only. 
  • Live Profile on Contacts: Nimble now displays the “Live Profile” of a contact record built for you from matched social profiles.
  • See your task due dates alongside your events to efficiently plan out your day.

Don’t Miss Important Moments - Receive Notifications on All Your Calendar Events

Enable notifications to get the most relevant contact and company updates and insights on who you’re meeting with and reminders to leave follow-up notes after an event ends.

  • You can customize this notification to appear 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes or 1-2 hours after your event is over.

Get Engagement Insights - Nimble Syncs Your Phone Contacts to Deliver Intelligence 

Sync your contacts so Nimble can deliver relevant insights on the people and companies you're engaging.

Nimble syncs your phone contacts periodically or manually from the mobile app to your Nimble contact database. 

  • Periodic Sync - We sync your mobile contacts to Nimble whenever you launch the app from your phone. 
  • Manual Sync - Select the “Sync” option to add your contacts to Nimble. 
  • Apply a tag to this group or join them to an existing tagged group.
  • “Last Sync” Date will appear after you perform your sync so you know when the last time occurred. 
  • This is one-directional sync from your Phone to Nimble. We will not populate your phonebook with any Nimble contacts. All contacts synced from the phone will be visible to your entire Nimble account. 

Manage Your Nimble Tasks on the Go - New Nimble Tasks Page

Create tasks for yourself or for your team that can be associated with any contact.

  • See Upcoming, Completed, Starred, and Delegated Tasks.
  • All tasks related to contacts are linked so you can jump from a task to a contact's details with one click.

What features does the Nimble iPhone app have?

  • Automatic Social Profile Matching to bring together relevant contact profiles, history, and insights together in one place.
  • Nimble Smart Summary with detailed contact insights to better prepare for meetings and prioritize your day.
  • Contact creation, editing and custom fields 
  • Our connection status widget that shows how you and your teammates are connected with a contact
  • Tasks, notes, and reminders to help you follow-up to keep on top of your relationships 
  • Add, edit, and update Deals while you're on the go. 

If you have any questions, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT. 

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