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This is an overview of how to set up the Wufoo integration in Nimble.
Please note: Wufoo field names must be in English because our data fields only read them in English.
There are two primary steps to set up the Wufoo integration in Nimble that are equally important.

Step One. Create a Wufoo form that is formatted to send data to Nimble

  • When you create your Wufoo form, be sure to select the Name field from beneath the Fancy Pants section in the Wufoo form building tool. The "Name" field is the minimum requirement to gather information and display it in Nimble.

All other fields (see #2 below) which you may add to the form are optional.

NOTE: If you create multiple "Name" fields, only the first one will be recognized by Nimble as First and Last names for the contact. All the remaining fields will go into the field "Description"

WARNING: If there are no "Name" fields in your Wufoo form, your web-form will not be captured by Nimble. All data entered will be ignored.

  • You may add the following fields to your form. These fields are accepted and will be mapped into their native contact fields within Nimble:
     - Name
     - Address
     - Email
     - Phone
     - Website
     Select these fields from Wufoo's "Fancy Pants" section

  • For "Job Title" and "Company Name" , these fields can be added to your form and captured in Nimble.
    i. Customize a form field by choosing the field type under Wufoo's "Standard" section.
    Pick either: "Single Line Text" or "Paragraph Text"

 ii. Label the field "Job Title" or "Company Name". Then click Add Field
NOTE: Both these field labels are case insensitive, which means that anything like "Job title", "job title", "Job TITLE" will be recognized as "Job Title" field in Nimble. 

Step Two: Locate your Wufoo API key to link Nimble to Wufoo

To find this key:
 1) Login into your Wufoo account
 2) Go to the Forms tab
 3) In your Wufoo list of forms, click on the link 'Code' from any of your forms

4) At the top right, click on API Information

5) Your Wufoo API key is displayed here.

6) Copy the API key and paste it in the "Wufoo API key" field in Nimble

7) Enter the Wufoo URL for your account
8) Click Enable
Common Questions:

  1. What will happen with non-supported fields in my Wufoo form?  - All fields which are unknown to Nimble will be collected and placed in the contact's "Description" field.

2. How can I respond to a lead's email address instead of Wufoo's "No-reply" address?
Select a Wufoo form, go to Notifications and under Email change "Set Reply To:" to Email.

If you have any questions, please write us at care@nimble.com, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT. 

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