Nimble lets you and your team to view your business opportunities on a single pipeline or list view.

Does Nimble support multiple pipelines or recurring revenue? 

Currently, we do not have multiple pipelines or recurring revenue in Nimble. We plan to add these to Nimble in 2017. 

How do I create a deal?

To create a deal, select “New Deal” in the top-left hand corner. You can then enter a deal name, relate the deal to multiple contacts and companies, add the amount, expected close date, probability and choose a beginning stage for your deal.

Once your deal has been created, click “Save” or “Continue Editing” to add more information.

What displays in a Deal record? 

A deal record is very similar to a contact record in Nimble.
In the header of a deal record, Nimble will display general information about the deal.

Click “Show All Deal Information” to view when the deal was created and by who.

You can enter information for a deal by clicking “Edit”.

Close a deal by selecting the drop-down arrow in the top right-hand corner. You can then close the deal as “Won” or “Lost”. Or you can select “Delete” to remove the deal.

Schedule a task and event for your deal. You can also log activity, log a note and attach files.

These interactions will appear in the Pending & History tab along with any messages you have with a contact or company related to the deal.

Filter these by clicking Message, Activities, Notes and Attachments.

To the right, you’ll see “Contacts Involved In This Deal”.

Use the arrow to view a complete list of all contacts involved with the deal.

How do I export my Deals? 

To export your deals from Nimble, click “Export To CSV” within your Deals tab.

You’ll then be able to choose which deals you would like to export which includes “All, Active, Won, and Lost. You can also export deals based on team members.

How do I view Deals on the Pipeline or List view? 

Nimble allows you to view your team member’s deals on a pipeline or within a list.

Deals can be moved from one stage to the next, by simply dragging and dropping within the pipeline.

Beside “Deals owned by:” you can decide to view your deals, your entire team or individual team members.

Next to this, you can view Active, Won, Lost or Stuck deals. 

A deal that is stuck will appear in red and simply means that the deal exceeded the limit of days within the stage.

Click “List” to view your deals within a list view.

From within a list, deals may be grouped by the following: Owner, Amount, Stage, Probability and Expected Close Date.

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