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Why am I Receiving Validation Errors?
Why am I Receiving Validation Errors?
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"Validation Errors" may appear in Nimble when you add social network URL to a contact record in Nimble, but what's the cause?
"Validation Errors" occur when either the incorrect social network URL is entered for a contact, or when you are over the daily API limit for the network you are calling upon. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn each have their own API limits that are subject to change. We will update this article accordingly if any new changes occur in the future.
At this time, Facebook does not have strict API limits on profile lookups, you will most likely not reach a limit with Facebook and Nimble.
Twitter limits their users to 180 account lookups every 15 minutes, and their API clock resets after 15 minutes. Details are located here.
Due to the shutdown of API access between LinkedIn and CRM applications, we no longer call on their API to validate profile URLs.
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