Nimble offers two types of plans - the Contacts and the Business Plan. 

To determine which plan fits your business needs, take a look at the comparison charts on our pricing page here:

If you are receiving an error message when downgrading your account to the Contacts Plan, there could be a few reasons why. 

Reasons the plan cannot be downgraded:

  • You have too many contacts - The Contact Plan includes the ability to import just 5,000 contacts to Nimble. If you have exceeded 5,000 contacts then you won't be able to downgrade to this plan until additional contacts have been deleted. Remember, you may backup your contacts to a CSV file at anytime so be sure to first export your contacts to a CSV file before deleting them in Nimble
  • You have more than 1GB of storage - The Contact Plan includes 1GB of storage for your emails. If you currently have more than this, you won't be able to downgrade to the Contact Plan. To decrease your storage amount, you may consider deleting older emails or disconnecting your email account temporarily. The Contact Plan offers 30 days of rolling storage. When you reconnect your email account, we will sync the last 30 days. This should decrease your storage amount
  • You have more than 3 email templates - The Contact Plan offers the ability to add just 3 email templates. To remove additional templates visit Settings >> Email Settings 
  • You have more than 5 licenses on your account - make sure that you have less than 5 licenses on your account. To remove additional licenses and users, visit Settings >> Users
  • You have more than 10 saved segments - make sure you are below 10 saved segments. You can remove additional segments within your Contacts tab
  • You have Deals in custom pipelines. The Business Plan enables you to create deals on multiple pipelines. If you have created deals on custom pipelines, you will need to delete these pipelines before downgrading to the Contact Plan. This can be done by going to your Settings >> Pipelines

If you continue to experience difficulties downgrading to the Contact Plan, please write to us at and we'll be happy to offer suggestions :) 

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