This support article will walk you through the steps of setting up your emails and social accounts in Nimble. We will cover the following:

  • Connecting Email Accounts
  • Connecting Multiple Email Accounts
  • Connecting Google Calendar and Google Drive
  • Connecting Social Accounts
  • Quick Tips

Connecting Your Email Accounts

Nimble enables you to connect multiple Gmail, IMAP, and Office 365 accounts, so all your emails display in one unified inbox!
To get started, navigate to your Settings >> Networks & Imports. Next to email accounts, you will see the option to “Connect.”


Once you’ve connected your Gmail account, emails will display in your Message tab and in the Pending & History tab of a contact record.
The Gmail connector will display the option to “Import Contacts.” Select this option when you are ready to add your Gmail contacts to Nimble.


In order to connect an IMAP account to Nimble, you will need to ensure that IMAP is enabled and obtain your credentials from either your IT administrator or email provider. To learn more, please see this support article: Setting up your IMAP Account with Nimble
Office 365:
Nimble offers two connection options for Office 365 subscribers: “Office 365 Account”, and “Office 365 Group Messaging”.
In order to send individual email messages and sync your email history to Nimble, you must be connected to “Office 365 Account”.
To send group messages from Nimble, you must also connect to Microsoft’s Rest API using the “Office 365 Group Message” option.

Connecting Multiple Email Accounts to Nimble

To add multiple email accounts to Nimble, click “Add another ___ account” under the currently connected account, like so:

When you connect multiple accounts, you’ll be given the option to chose a default account to send from.

Nimble will default to this email address whenever you send emails from your Nimble account.

Connecting Google Calendar and Google Drive

Nimble features full two-way syncing with Google Calendar.

Once connected, events will sync to your Activities tab and the “Pending & History” section of your contact records.
Connect a Google Drive account to allow the attachment of files to your contact records.

Connecting Social Profiles

When you first create a Nimble account, you are given the option to connect your social accounts right from the get go.

Or, you can select to do this at a later time.
Social accounts can be connected and disconnected at any time within your Settings >> Networks & Imports.
To connect a social account, simply click “Connect”.
Once you’ve connected the account, you’ll see the option to “Import.”

Each social account will have a different import process.
For Twitter, you’ll have a few options. You can import “All” contacts or just “Friends”, “Following”, “Followers” or a created Twitter list.

Nimble also allows you to connect your Facebook, Facebook Page, Google +, FourSquare, AngelList, and Instagram profiles to Nimble.
The more social networks you have connected to Nimble, the easier it will be for Nimble to automatically enrich your contact’s profiles with their social information!


Quick Tips

  • When connecting social profiles to Nimble, you will need to be currently logged into the account you are connecting. For example, if you would like to connect your company Twitter account but you are currently logged into your personal Twitter account in your browser, Nimble will connect the personal account.
  • You will need to connect your personal Facebook account first to be able to connect your Facebook business page.
  • Social posts are private to you and your team members will not be able to view them
  • Each importer gives you the option to add “Tags”. Use Tags to keep your contact lists organized and separated from your team members.

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