We have partnered with PieSync to seamlessly integrate their 2-way contact syncing functionality within your Nimble account. 

Additionally, they have offered Nimble users a free plan to keep up to 2,000 contacts synced, there's no reason that you shouldn't give PieSync a place in your Nimble workflow! 

You can choose to sync all your contacts or just a subset of them (based on tags), one-way or bidirectionally.
In this article we’ll explain which connections you can set up, which fields get synced, how to get started and how the plan details work. 

Can I use PieSync with my Nimble plan? 

Our PieSync integration is available for both the Nimble Contact and Nimble Business plans. 

Which apps can I connect with Nimble?

At this moment you can connect over 80+ cloud apps with Nimble. Click the app you’d like to sync with Nimble to start a free trial. You can then follow the steps below to set up the connection. For a full list of connections, go to www.piesync.com/nimble

How many contacts can I sync? 

If you are a first-time PieSync user, you will get a 14 day free trial with unlimited contact syncs to start. After the trial ends, Nimble accounts get to keep up to 2,000 contacts in sync for your account. 

PieSync offers plans to upgrade to more contact syncs on their website. Go to www.piesync.com/pricing for details. 

Which fields get synced?

PieSync will display default contact fields for sync and you may add custom fields from your respective systems to sync. 

How long can an initial sync take?

The duration of the initial sync depends on how much contacts you have, however usually it takes around 5-10min. Even if you’re only syncing a small chunk, PieSync still has to go through all your contacts to check if we should sync them or not. If the spinner is still spinning after an hour, feel free to reply to this email so we can have a look.

Will my contacts get synced automatically?

Yes. PieSync checks every 5 minutes to see if something changed in the contacts you chose to sync. Every contact that is created or updates will then be automatically synced. 

Which fields will get synced?

You may find the list of default fields in the dashboard of your connection in your PieSync dashboard. You may also sync custom fields you have created in your applications. For more information, please see PieSync's help article with more information about custom field sync.

How do I get started?

PieSync is available within your Settings under Third Party Integrations or in the Networks & Imports page.

Select "Enable" to  bring up the PieSync authorization window. 

Type in the name of an application to start building the connection with Nimble. 

For this example, we will set up 2-way Google Contacts sync.

When setting up a sync, you may select advanced IF THEN functions, or you can enable two way sync. For example, you can perform a sync then an action, such as "Sync to Nimble THEN add a tag".

Review the contact fields you would like to sync between platforms. This is great if you want to keep both of your systems in the same order.

Set filters to determine the direction of your contact sync:

You may choose to sync only a group of contacts or your entire list, one-way or two-way. If you want to access your contacts on your iPhone, make sure to check the ‘Additionally sync to the ‘My Contacts’ group’ checkbox. 

If you don’t want to sync contacts that don’t include an email address, check the box that says ‘Only sync contacts that have an email address’. Then select which app is your source of truth.

Select ‘Start syncing now’ and watch the magic happen:

There you go, your Nimble and Google account, totally in sync in just a few minutes. This of course also works for MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Salesforce, Quickbooks, and much more. 

Popular Connections between Nimble & PieSync 

Note: You may sync custom data fields from Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, and much more.
Please Note: Nimble requires at least the First Name field to be populated, in order for a new contact to be created. For example, that if you have a list with only email addresses, PieSync will not be able to sync these new contacts to Nimble.

How do I get ahold of PieSync for questions? 

Have some questions? Find your answer on PieSync’s help center or reach out to support@piesync.com.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at care@nimble.com or join us for our Q&As Monday - Friday from 9AM - 9:30AM PT. Register here:http://www.nimble.com/company/webinars/

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