The Nimble-HootSuite integration gives you the ability to import contacts in HootSuite to Nimble. Once imported, you can view a snapshot of the contacts' Nimble records in HootSuite - complete with their location, social profiles, contact information and last contacted.
To install Nimble in Hootsuite, please follow these steps 

  1. Login to HootSuite
  2. On the left-hand side, click on App Directory (represented as a puzzle icon)

3. In the App Directory window, click on Featured Apps - you will see Nimble listed.

4. Click on Install App
5. Once added, close the App Directory window.
6. Now pick someone in your social streams and hover your mouse over the avatar. A drop down arrow will appear, click on it.

7. Click View Nimble Profile
8. For first time users, you will have to authenticate your Nimble account. Click on Authorize.

9. Enter your Nimble account credentials. Then click Continue.

At the current moment, the HootSuite integration does not support users who sign into Nimble with Google Apps. If you would like to change your sign in method, please see our support article here: Change Nimble Sign In Method. After changing your sign in method, return to Step 9.
10. Click Allow.

11. You have successfully connected Nimble to HootSuite!
Hootsuite Integration Overview
Now that the integration is activated in Nimble, you should expect to see the following:
For contacts in your social stream in HootSuite, move your cursor over a contact's avatar to find the drop down menu. Click on it to find "View Nimble Profile"

Click on View Nimble Profile - you will see a Nimble profile snapshot of that contact If s/he already exists in your Nimble database. You can also click to view the contact in Nimble.

If the contact does not exist in your Nimble database, you can import the contact into Nimble. Thereafter, a Nimble profile snapshot will be available in HootSuite for that contact.

*Note: The HootSuite integration does not support LinkedIn network.
Nimble HootSuite Integration Video

Add HootSuite Contacts to Nimble by Bulk
If you get tired of adding contacts one-by-one from HootSuite to Nimble, you can bulk import them into Nimble.
 1. Create an interest list in Twitter (i.e. list name "Prospects")

2. Identify the contacts in HootSuite you want to add to Nimble and add them to your Twitter list.

3. Once you have finished adding the contacts of interest to your list, log into Nimble and go to Settings >> Networks & Imports page.
4. Click on Import Contacts for Twitter. In the select-box, pick your list. Append a tag if you want and click Import.

5. You have successfully bulk imported HootSuite contacts in Nimble.
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