If you are receiving an error message when uploading your CSV file to Nimble, there could be a few reasons why. This troubleshooting guide will help you get to the bottom of the issue.

First, understand how to format your file to avoid error messages:

For tips on how to import your contacts to Nimble and format your file, take a look at the following support article: Nimble CSV Import Wizard

Reasons the file is not importing:

  • Each import into Nimble must contain either a company name and/or contact name. Email addresses cannot be imported alone. If you do not have names for your email addresses then place the emails below the "First Name" or "Company" header as well as below the "Email" column

  • The file has incorrect delimiters. Nimble is only able to support files delimited by comma, and some versions of Excel (particularly international versions) might default to a different delimiter. To correct this, open Excel on your computer and use the "Text To Column" feature to separate the headers. Learn more from Microsoft here. 

  • There are blank rows or columns in your CSV file. If you have blank rows or columns in your CSV file, delete them and your file should import

If you continue to experience issues with uploading your CSV file to Nimble, please share your CSV file with us at care@nimble.com and we'll be happy to check the formatting and offer suggestions :) 

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