We know it's important for teams and managers to control access and edit rights for deals, which is why we've added an all-new deal privacy option for Nimble. Managing deal privacy is easy for teams on Nimble. Account administrators may delegate privacy rights to specific team members under Settings >> Users. 

Note: Deal privacy is only available for the Nimble Business plan - Upgrade today!

Deal Privacy Rights

The first user to start your account is automatically the account administrator. Administrators have full control and visibility over your Nimble account, except for private twitter messages and email conversations. 

All other end-users are subject to the permissions that have been established by the administrator, such as deal privacy. 

Getting Started with Deal Privacy

Account administrators can view and edit all Deals in their account. The privacy settings below may be set for specific end-users: 

  • View and Edit All Deals - User has rights to view and edit all deals. 
  • View Own Deals - User only has the rights to view and edit deals they created or own.
  • View All Deals - User may view all team deals, but can only edit their own. 

Setting Up Deal Privacy Rights

Make changes to deal privacy permissions in Settings >> Users and check the corresponding boxes next to each user. 

Once you are in your Settings, select the dropdown menu under "Deal Privacy" next to the user whose rights you will edit. 

How to: Set a deal to private

Similar to Messages privacy, we've included a padlock icon that you may toggle while viewing a deal. This icon is visible from the pipeline view, list view, and deal profile

Example - Deal Pipeline View

Example - Deal List View

Example - Deal Profile View

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