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How do I remove users and licenses from my account?
How do I remove users and licenses from my account?

Learn how to remove users and licenses from your account.

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How do I remove a user and a license?

For cases where you are downsizing your Nimble team, take the following steps to remove both a user and a license.

  1. In Nimble, go to Billing >> Manage Users, select the user you wish to remove from your account and click "Deactivate".

  2. You can then reassign or delete the user's Deals, Activities, Messages and Contacts.

  3. To remove the user and license, check the box that reads "To remove the license, please check this box".

    Please note: If you will be replacing the removed user with a new user, make sure the license removal box is NOT checked before confirming your changes. Then, you can click "Invite Users" again to add the new team member without having to add the license again and incurring an additional payment.

See it in Action: 

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