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What is Nimble?

Using Nimble for the first time? See how Nimble can help you achieve your business goals.

Getting Started in Nimble

Let us help you be successful in Nimble

Nimble Onboarding Steps

Follow these step by step articles to complete the Nimble Onboarding checklist!

Nimble's Templated Workflow Feature

Learn how to customize workflow templates and utilize them to build stronger connections

Nimble's Customizable Deals Feature
Nimble's Message Sequence Feature
Nimble's Web Form Feature

Learn how to create customized online forms that can be embedded in emails, websites, and social media pages!

Being Nimble In Microsoft 365 and Outlook

Learn how to set up Nimble for your Microsoft Office 365 organization.

Being Nimble In G Suite and Gmail

Learn how to set up Nimble with your G Suite and Gmail accounts.

Billing & Account
Nimble Mobile Walkthrough

Learn about Nimble Mobile 3.0 for iOS and Android

Feature Walkthroughs
Smart Workflows

Work a little smarter in Nimble

Video Tutorials
Frequently Asked Questions
Today Page

View all of your upcoming activities on your Today Page Dashboard

Contacts Tab
Messages Tab
Activities Tab
Nimble + PhoneBurner Integration
Third Party Integrations
CSV Data Migration

Learn how to migrate your data from your favorite apps to Nimble via CSV