Nimble Prospector Enrichment Overview

Learn more about our Nimble Enrichment feature - the simply smarter way to discover prospect details on the web or in Nimble CRM.

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Nimble Prospector enrichment credits are a feature included with Nimble that allows you to discover the lead details of a contact when you are visiting their record in Nimble or working on the web with the Nimble Prospector browser extension. 

Fields discovered with enrichment credits:

  • Email Address

  • Job Title

  • Social Profiles

  • Phone Number

  • Company Address 

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Table of Contents

  1. Enrichment Credits Feature Overview

  2. Pricing and Usage Overview

  3. How are emails verified and what is the confidence score? 

  4. Sample Workflows for Nimble Enrichment

Nimble Enrichment Feature Overview

We developed Nimble enrichment credits to help you prospect smarter for complete contact information. Now sales, marketing, and business development professionals have an easy way to discover contact information for qualified prospects in seconds. 

With that said, the basic workflow for using the enrichment credits feature is to find the email address for a contact, send a message to them in Nimble via Group Messages, measure the effectiveness of that message, use Nimble to schedule follow-ups, and then turn that connection into a sales opportunity managed via Deals. 

How do I activate enrichment credits and where do I use them? 

Since enrichment credits are a feature of Nimble, all accounts already have them. Access enrichment credits via the Nimble Prospector browser extension or while viewing a contact record in Nimble. 

Pricing and Usage Overview 

For full enrichment credit billing details, visit this article

Nimble Business Plan accounts include 25 enrichment credits per user per month.
Nimble Legacy Plan accounts include 10 enrichment credits per user per month but may purchase an Add-on plan for the prices listed below.
Nimble Trial accounts have 10 enrichment credits per user per trial.

Add-on Plans are shared credits across all team members. 

How are enrichment credits used?
Enrichment credits are used when an email is found and verified. 

How are emails verified and what is the confidence score? 

Nimble runs several checks for email verification on the back end: 

  • Valid format: We verify that the format of the email address is correct and looks like "". 

  • Check for random formatting: We check that the address doesn't look like a random junk email like "".

  • Disposable Email Address: We check to make sure the email doesn't exist at a temporary disposable email domain such as 

  • Webmail Email Address: We verify if the email address is from a commercial webmail provider like Gmail, Yahoo, or 

  • MX Record Verification: We check if there are MX records on the company domain, otherwise, the email address can't receive messages. 

  • Presence of SMTP Server: MX records indicate whether or not the SMTP server can be reached. 

  • SMTP Verification: We test the email address to make sure it doesn't bounce. 

  • Accept-all Domain: We test if the server accepts all email addresses via a catch-all policy. 

The Confidence Score on a discovered email is an estimation of the probability that the email address returned is correct, between 0 and 100. Anything over 75% is likely to be delivered. 

Prospecting emails that are "Not Verified" will not cost any credits to your account to add to Nimble. 

Prospecting emails that show "% Confidence Level" use a credit when the search is performed, as these emails have been verified to work at some point in time. 

Sample Workflows for Nimble Enrichment

When you hover over a contact name anywhere on social media or the web, Nimble will surface broad social profiles as well as any contact history, if they’re already in your database.  For new prospects, enter their first name, last name, and company domain URL (Nimble will suggest alternatives, or you can enter one), and Nimble will return search results for their email, phone number, social profile, locations, additional URLs, and etc. 

Finding Emails for Twitter Contacts 

Twitter is a powerful network for information and making initial connections, but every conversation eventually makes it to email. Here's an example of how to discover the email address for a Twitter contact. 

Go to Twitter and select your notifications to check out recent followers and mentions. Open the Nimble extension and hover your cursor over any Twitter profile. 

Select "Search for Contact Info" on a contact record to launch the enrichment credits. 

In Nimble Prospector, plug in the contact's name and company domain. Type in the company name to pull up a suggestion from Nimble. Nimble Enrichment will search to locate multiple data points including email, phone number, website URL, and location. 

The Prospector will show contact details, which you can then select “Save Data” to store on Nimble. 

Fill In Missing Contact Details on a Nimble Record

You can also use enrichment credits to add data to incomplete records in your Nimble CRM. 

Here’s how:

Go to a Nimble record, and select "Search Contact Info" to discover their email. This will pull up a pop-up with all of the data fields we have found. 

See it in action

This example would consume one enrichment credit. 

Sending Group Emails to Prospects, Tracking Outcomes and Scheduling Follow-Ups in Nimble

By combining Nimble Enrichment with our Group Message workflow, we have developed an end-to-end prospecting solution that enables you to qualify prospects, discover contact information, send outreach, measure success, and manage relationships at scale. 

After you’ve gathered prospects’ contact details, use Nimble’s Group Message feature to send targeted email messages to 1,000 contacts per month (depending on your email provider's sending limit). Group Messaging offers a fast, effective way to send personalized messages to any targeted segment, which you can define using Nimble tags.  Be sure to track outcomes and schedule follow-ups to help you close more business.

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Being a Nimble Prospector on LinkedIn

When on LinkedIn, you may type in the name of a contact into the Nimble Prospector extension to bring up their contact record or create a live profile in Nimble. From there, you can enter their company domain to perform a lookup of their company email. 

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Being a Nimble Prospector on a Company "About Us" Page

If you're looking to reach out to a company and want to build a list of contacts for outreach, the "About Us" or "Team" section on a website is usually the best place to start. 

  1. Select a company and go to the “About Us” or “Team” page. 

  2. Open Nimble Enrichment by selecting “Search for Contact Info”

  3. Hover over team members and type in their company domain. 

  4. Nimble will search for additional data points, which you can save in Nimble by clicking Save Data.

See it in action

Being a Nimble Prospector on Crunchbase

Crunchbase is a great resource for profiling many companies and their team members. By using the Prospector App + Enrichment on Crunchbase, you'll discover contact details with ease. 

  1. Select a profile, for example,

  2. Open the Nimble sidebar and select “Search for Contact Info”

  3. Enter their first and last name and domain name, if it’s not already listed

  4. Save contact data to add a record to your Nimble database. This process uses 1 enrichment credit

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Being a Nimble Prospector on Facebook

One of the best applications of Nimble Enrichment is the ability to discover contact details for your Facebook interactions, giving you a direct line of communication. 

  1. Go to Facebook profile or business page notification. 

  2. Select a contact to profile. 

  3. Indicate which company they work for, and run Enrichment. 

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Since Nimble Prospector can be used anywhere on the web, there are infinite uses for this feature. Give it a spin and let us know what you think! 

If you have any questions, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT. 

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