Import vCard Contacts to Nimble

This article will walk you through the process of importing your vCard connections

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Easily migrate your contacts to Nimble from a vCard (VCF). 

To start the process, visit Settings >> Networks & Imports. Go to "Contacts" then select vCard.

Once you've located the importer, click "Choose File" and select your VCF file. 

Tip alert: Adding a tag upon import will enable you to keep track of your contacts once they have imported. Tags allow you to group the contacts so they are easily accessible in your Contacts tab. Learn more here: Tags Overview

You are now ready to import your contacts... just click "Import".

Important Notes: 

  • vCards will import to Nimble as long as the vCard is in UTF-8 format. If there are non-UTF-8 characters in the file, the contacts will not import

  • Apple Contacts support many more vCard formats than Nimble, make sure the file is in the correct format before uploading.

  • If you experience difficulties uploading your file, try uploading the vCard into Google Contacts, then exporting. You can then use the file Google Contacts has provided to upload the contacts to Nimble.

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