Nimble enables you to connect multiple email and social accounts to track communication with your most important customers and prospects. 

By connecting your email accounts, you will create a bidirectional sync, enabling you to keep records of past communication, engage directly with your customers from within Nimble and send targeted group messages to nurture your relationships with potential buyers.

How do I connect my email accounts?

As long as your email account is set up for IMAP access, it can be connected to Nimble. We integrate with Microsoft 365, Outlook, personal Gmail, Google Apps, and many other email providers.

Once you’ve connected your email accounts, messages will display to your Message tab and to the Interactions tab of related contact records enabling you to track individual interactions with your customer.

To get started, navigate to your Settings >> Networks & Imports and choose "Email Accounts,"


Connect your personal Gmail and Google Apps for work account via the Gmail connector.  

Once the account is connected, the Gmail connector will display the option to “Import Contacts.” Before importing, be sure to choose the group of contacts to import, set a contact owner, privacy, and tag your contacts. After setting this, you can choose to import the contacts just once or automatically sync weekly.

You'll also have the ability to make messages "Public" to your team and choose a default sending address by clicking, "Make Default".


IMAP is one of the most prevalent Internet standard protocols for email retrieval. By utilizing IMAP, you will be able to connect a GoDaddy, Apple Mail, Yahoo, Thunderbird, or another email client to Nimble.

To use IMAP with Nimble, you must first make sure IMAP is enabled in your email provider's settings. Please check your settings or contact your email provider to make sure you have IMAP enabled. For more details, please take a look at the following support article: Setting up your IMAP account with Nimble  

Microsoft 365:

Nimble offers one single connector for syncing your emails, calendars and importing your contacts.

(Please note when Microsoft 365's two-step verification is on, it may block Nimble from accessing your account unless you have set up an app-specific password. Microsoft goes into more detail in their support article here.).

You can choose to sync your emails, contacts, and/or calendars then select "Connect Microsoft 365".

Connect Multiple Email Accounts to Nimble

To add multiple email accounts to Nimble, click “Connect Email Account” under the currently connected account, like so:

Connecting Social Profiles

In addition to connecting your email accounts to Nimble, we provide you with the ability to connect your social accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Facebook Business Page.

Social accounts can be connected and disconnected at any time within your Settings >> Networks & Imports.
To connect a social account, simply click “Social Networks”. Each social account will have a different import process.

We offer a full integration with Twitter. Connect your Twitter account to Nimble to sync tweets, comments, mentions, likes, and direct messages to your Signals tab and related contact records.
Once you’ve connected the account, you’ll see the option to “Import” which gives you the ability to add your contacts from your social accounts to Nimble.

For Twitter, you’ll have a few options. You can import “All” contacts or just “Friends”, “Following”, “Followers” or a created Twitter list.

Please note: Due to third-party API limitations, we currently do not offer full integration with Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. You may still import your LinkedIn contacts through a CSV file and connect your Facebook accounts to enrich your contact records.

Learn more about using Facebook and LinkedIn with Nimble.  

Quick Tips

  • When connecting social profiles to Nimble, you will need to be currently logged into the account you are connecting. For example, if you would like to connect your company Twitter account but you are currently logged into your personal Twitter account in your browser, Nimble will connect the personal account.

  • You will need to connect your personal Facebook account first to be able to connect your Facebook business page.

  • Social posts are private to you and your team members will not be able to view them

  • Each importer gives you the option to add “Tags”. Use Tags to keep your contact lists organized and separated from your team members.

  • You can choose a default email address to send messages from. Once multiple email accounts are connected in Settings >> Networks & Imports, just click "Make Account Default" to make that email address the default. 

  • Once you connect your email account, we will sync the last 90 days worth of emails and move forward from that point. Emails will sync from the Inbox, Sent, Starred, Archive, and Trash folders.

If you have any questions, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT. 

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