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How To: Create Saved Segments with Custom Columns
How To: Create Saved Segments with Custom Columns

Learn how to create segments with custom columns in Nimble with our Table Settings feature.

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Nimble's Configure Table feature enables you to personalize your table columns so you can quickly see the data that is most relevant to your business at a glance.
Build a "Custom Table Setting" for your contact list
To start, go to your Contacts tab and click "Configure Table" in the top-right hand corner. Under "Field List:" select "Custom".

Rearrange the fields that display by holding down the reorder icon and moving it up or down. You can also "Add Filters" to your custom list or remove any unwanted fields by deselecting the field and clicking the trashcan icon.

Filters can also be pinned so that they always appear at the start of your custom column. Just select the pin icon.

Please note: When you refresh the page, Nimble will default to sales view. To choose your custom columns, simply click "Table Settings" then choose "Custom" >> "Update."
Build a "Custom Table Setting" for Saved Segments
Nimble enables you to create custom table settings for each of your saved segments.
Start by creating a new Segment. For more details, check out the following support article: Nimble's Smart Segmentation Overview
While creating your segment, click "Configure Table" in the top right-hand corner. Then select the "Custom" option.

Use the steps above to design your custom table setting.
When you are ready, name your Segment and click "Save." When you visit the Segment in your Contact tab, it will display the custom columns you've saved.

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