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Nimble Activities Tab Overview
Nimble Activities Tab Overview

Keep track of past and upcoming engagement opportunities with the Activities feature

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The Activities Tab in Nimble enables your team to keep track of all past and upcoming engagements related to your contacts and deals! This feature is available in the Business and enables team members to view all activities (tasks, events and logged calls) in one centralized location so that you can stay top of mind with your most important followup opportunities.

Lets take a look!

What's included in Activities Tab:

  • The ability to see events from your connected Office 365, Google or Nimble calendar in a list or within the graphical calendar view

  • Visibility into team activity such as task, events and calls logged as well as options to assign tasks and receive notification when a task is complete

  • Quickly create/modify tasks, events and log calls from any sub-tab under Activities tab

  • More context surrounding a contact from a comprehensive history of interactions

  • Measurable performance reports on activity for managers.

Setting Up Your Calendars In Nimble

Nimble comes with its own calendar, known as the default "Nimble Calendar", and events on this calendar will always be shown in blue under the Calendar sub-tab of your Activities Tab in Nimble. 

Additionally, Nimble enables you to connect your Office 365 and/or Google calendar to help you keep track of upcoming events in one centralized location. To begin, visit Settings >> Networks & Imports!

Once connected, Nimble will create a bidirectional sync enabling you to view all of your events in one location as well as publish new events that will display within Nimble and on your Office 365 and/or Google calendar.

Viewing Activities on the Agenda Page?

The Agenda page will display all of your events, tasks, and calls in chronological order by the scheduled day and time. 

The small calendar on the left enables you to toggle through dates to easily view past and future events. You may also choose to filter the page so that any combination of events, tasks, and calls appear! 

Additionally, you have the option to view logged calls and task by team members as well as tagged Tasks.  Your connected calendars are color coded and can be easily toggled on and off by clicking on the calendar’s name.

To view your team member's assigned tasks, just select their name from the drop-down list. Nimble will then display all tasks belonging to that user in chronological order.

Creating Events, Tasks and Calls from the Activities Tab

The Activities tab enables you to not only view your events, tasks and logged calls but also create new ones and modify existing ones. These activities can be created/modified from any of the sub-tabs under the Activities tab.

To launch the feature, simply select "Add Activity" in the top left-hand corner then select the type of activity you'd like to create.

Take a look at the following support articles to learn more about these features:

When you select any activity listed, you will be able to view more details, as well as make changes if needed. Just click the 3 dots to make changes to an event, task or call.

The Nimble Activity Listing Feature

The Listings sub-tab is a brand new, interactive way to view and manage your team's activities in Nimble. From this page, you will be able to filter activities by contact or user on the account, as well as by date and type of activity. 

Learn more about how the Activities Listing feature can help you and your team be successful in Nimble: Nimble Activity Listing Feature

Track Completed and Upcoming Tasks In the Activities tab

Nimble makes it easy to see all of your overdue, upcoming, and completed tasks in a list view. Just visit the "Activities" tab and select the "Tasks" sub-tab.

You can also create Task with with a due date of "Later", enabling you to plan to-do items that don't necessary have a due date.

You can view tasks by the following:

  • Upcoming - Tasks that have not yet been completed

  • Starred - Tasks that have been marked as important

  • Completed - Tasks that have been marked as completed

  • Delegated - Tasks that have been assign to other team members on the account 

Additionally, you may select any team member's name in the "Assigned To" dropdown on the lefthand side of the page, to see their tasks with the same filters!

What Displays On Your Calendar Page?

For a graphical view, you can quickly see all of your events on the calendar! Just like the Agenda view, your events are color coded based on the calendars you would like to view, and you may toggle those calendars on and off on the lefthand side of the page.

When you click on an event from the calendar, you will have the ability to see the event/modify it, just like you can in the Agenda or Listing pages!

Depending on how you prefer to view your calendar, we offer Day, Week, and Month view options similar to most other calendar apps! You may also use the small calendar to the left to view events by day or month.

If you have any questions, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT. 

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