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Nimble Today Page: Lost by Stage Widget
Nimble Today Page: Lost by Stage Widget
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As a salesperson or manager, it’s important to see how well your deals are performing and track which stage in the sales process are losing the most deals.

The Deals Lost by Stage widget allows you to view the number of deals that have been lost at each stage in your sales pipeline. It can help you identify which pipeline stages are causing the most losses and adjust accordingly.

For example, if you find that many deals are being lost at the proposal stage, you may want to review and improve your proposal process. By identifying which pipeline stages have the most losses, you can focus on improving those stages. This can help you increase the number of deals that are won and improve overall sales performance.

Hovering over will display the reason the deal was lost. This shows all deals lost by the chosen user, in the selected pipeline(s), whose close date fall within the specified time period.

To alter the information that is pulled for the report, just click Filters to make quick changes. You can make changes to the date range, time period, and pipeline. When you refresh the page, the widget will reset to the original filters. To set permanent filters for each widget, read on.

Accessing the Lost by Stage Widget

Go to the “Manage Widgets” menu on your Today Page dashboard and then select “Lost by Stage” to make it visible in your account.

Once added, you can drag and drop the widget around the Today page until it's in the desired spot.

You can set default filters for this widget by clicking "Filters" and selecting from the drop-down list.

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