Installing Nimble for G Suite
Learn how to set up Nimble on your G Suite domain for easy sign-on and much more.
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Install Nimble directly to your G Suite domain to easily deploy Nimble across your company. 

Features include: 

  • Google SSO for secure, password-­free access

  • Use Nimble everywhere you work in Google Chrome

  • View Nimble Contacts and Deals within the context of your Gmail contacts

  • Automatically sync Gmail and G Suite emails to Nimble contact records

  • Sync multiple Google Calendars to Nimble

  • Upload files from Google Drive directly to Nimble Contacts and Deals

  • Search for any file on Google Drive to connect to any contact, company, or deal

  • Open and Click tracking for messages sent via Gmail (Must add the Nimble Contacts app to Chrome for tracking)

Follow the steps below to enable Google sign on with Nimble

  1. Have the admin of your G Suite account visit the G Suite Marketplace and install the 'Nimble' add-on to your domain. 

  2. Nimble will detect that you have an existing Nimble account and will ask if you want to enable Google single sign on. 

  3. Once the admin has enabled Google Apps to the Nimble account, all team members in the account will be able to log in through Google.

Note: Google Sign-on is only available for Nimble accounts that are registered via the G Suite Marketplace. 

If you have any questions, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT. 

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