This is an overview of how to import LinkedIn connections via CSV to Nimble. To bring your connections to Nimble, you will need to follow these steps.
Step 1. On LinkedIn, export your connections to Outlook CSV format from this link.
Step 2. After requesting and receiving your data export, download it and keep an eye on "Connections.csv" for import to Nimble.

Step 2. Sign into your Nimble account, and go to Settings >> Networks & Imports.
Step 3. Select "LinkedIn CSV" and attach your file from LinkedIn.

 Step 4. Select "Import", apply a tag, and wait for the import to finish.
What data will be added to my contacts?
All data in the CSV file will be added to your contacts.
What won't I be able to see?
You will not be able to import a contact's LinkedIn profile because LinkedIn no longer allows CRM systems to integrate with contacts over their API.
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