Note: Only Nimble Account Administrators may generate API keys to access account data over the Nimble API. This is available only for subscribers of our Nimble Business Plan ($25/month), not our Nimble Legacy pricing. 

API keys are an easier way to access your data inside of Nimble, as it's a simpler way to access as opposed to oAuth 2.0 that is used for our public API. This gives you full access to the public Nimble API, but only for your Nimble account. This saves you the hassle of having to store, save, and refresh oAuth tokens. 

Follow the guide at to see how to interact with your Nimble data over our API. with two important changes:

  1. When sending your request, send the API request to instead of
  2. The only form of accepted authentication is through HTTP header. Your API request must have Authorization header with value like this: Bearer API-KEY.

Python example

import requests 

apikey = "YOUR_API_KEY"

result = requests.get("", headers={"Authorization": "Bearer " + apikey})


cURL example

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY"

If you have any questions, please send us an email at or join us for our Q&As Monday - Friday from 9AM - 9:30AM PT. Register here:

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