This article lists the steps on how to import your Outlook contacts to Nimble. 

What Can I Upload from Outlook to Nimble?

You may upload your contacts and their associated contact details to Nimble. We do not support syncing with logged Notes, Reminders, or Calendar events from Outlook at this time.

For example, if you have a contact, Joseph Kelly, with their location and other contact information that you have recorded to their Outlook Address book entry, you will be able to upload these details to Nimble. If you logged events and reminders/tasks with Joseph Kelly in the past, you will not be able to upload this to Nimble.

Please click here for the steps to export contacts from Outlook and/or Office365.

Steps to Upload Outlook Contacts to Nimble

1. In Outlook, export your contacts out of Outlook via a CSV file.

2. In your Nimble account, go to Settings >> Networks & Imports

3. Next to "Import CSV", select "Start Wizard".

4. Upload your CSV file and select "Microsoft Office 365" or "Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express" from the dropdown, depending where you obtained your CSV file.

5. Select "Next", and utilize the CSV Import Wizard to map the headers from your CSV file to fields that exist in Nimble.

6. During Step 3 of the import process, be sure to apply a tag to your import, so you can easily locate your contacts later. Click "Finish" to import your contacts!

5. When the import has completed, you will receive a confirmation email from Nimble containing the results!

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