It will be important to manage privacy settings and user restrictions as your team grows with Nimble.  This article covers our privacy settings at a broad level.

 Table of Contents

  1. Message Privacy
  2. Contact Privacy 
  3. Deal Privacy (Business plan only)
  4. Configure User Restrictions
  5. Other Privacy Questions

Message Privacy

By default, all Twitter conversations and emails are set to private for all users in a Nimble account.
How to set a specific account to private or public:

 1. In Nimble, go to Settings >> Networks & Imports
2. Pick the network you want to set public or private and select on the lock to the right of it.

3. A pop-up window will appear with the options to set the account to either public or private. 

By setting messages to public, all messages from that network will display under the "Pending & History" tab of related contacts in your Nimble account for your team to see as well. Your Messages tab in Nimble remains private and only visible to you.

Ex. If you look at contact John Smith, you will see all your email messages with John. Additionally, if your team members look at John Smith's contact record, they will also see your email messages with him, in addition to their own.

By setting messages to private, messages from that network will be visible only to you.
Ex. If you look at contact John Smith, you will see all your email messages with John. But if your team members go to the same record, they will not see any email exchanges between you and John.
4. Select Save Changes. Now you will see the lock icon change for the network.


Setting Specific Twitter Conversations and Emails as Private

 1. Go to your Messages Tab. At the inbox view, you can tell which messages are private and which ones are not by finding the lock icon next to them.

2. To set a particular message private or public, open a message.

3. Click on the lock icon button at the top of the message to make it private.

 To see if your message is private, the button will appear locked.

Now no one will see the message but you! Click on the lock icon button again, to make it public.

Deal Privacy 

Managing Deal privacy is easy for teams on Nimble. Account administrators may delegate privacy rights to specific team members under Settings >> Users.

**Deal Privacy is only available for the Nimble Business plan**

Deal Privacy Rights
Account administrators can view and edit all Deals in their account. The privacy settings below may be set for specific end-users: 

  • View and Edit All Deals - User has rights to view and edit all deals. 
  • View Own Deals - User only has the rights to view and edit deals they created or own.
  • View All Deals - User may view all team deals, but can only edit their own. 

Learn more details about Deal Privacy on our related FAQ.  

Contact Privacy

For now, we do not have the ability to set contacts to private. This means that all of your contacts will be visible to your team members. Keep an eye out for an update in 2019. 


User Restrictions

Make changes to user permissions in Settings >> Users and check the corresponding boxes next to each user. 

Available Restrictions:

Bulk Export - Restrict your team members from exporting all contacts at once.
Bulk Deletion - Restrict your team members from having the ability to bulk delete contacts (delete more than 30 contacts at once).
API Access - Restrict your team members from accessing the API by limiting who can access third party applications over the Nimble API.
Configure Pipelines - Grants ability for a team member to configure multiple deal pipelines in Nimble.
Deal Privacy - Grants ability to view/edit all, own, or only view deals. 

Other Privacy Questions

Can I set tasks as private? 

We do not offer task privacy at this time. All team members can view each other's tasks by toggling to see each other's activities lists in the Activities tab.
Team members can also see what tasks/events were created for contacts and which team member created them. Team members, however, cannot edit or delete each other's tasks/events - they can only comment.

Can I set my calendar to private?

You may set your Nimble calendar events to shared on the Contact Profile View in Settings >> Users

Privacy settings on connected Office 365 and Google Calendars will depend on how they are set up on your organization in your Office 365 or G Suite settings outside of Nimble.

Are my Twitter and Facebook Pages streams private? 

Your social streams from Twitter and Facebook Pages are private to only you, accessible from the Signals tab.

What is Nimble’s policy on both security and privacy for my account?

 Please read our Privacy Policy for full details. 


If you have any questions, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT. 

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