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Creating Templates and a Signature In Email Settings
Creating Templates and a Signature In Email Settings

This article covers features available in "Email Settings"

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Setup multiple templates, a signature and unsubscribe/whitelist contacts all within Settings >> Email Settings.

Creating Templates

To create several email templates, click "Add Template". This will bring up our template editor, where you can insert all of your email fields, including attachments and merge tags. 

Once you create a template, it will be added to your existing template list with the option to share the template with your team member, edit the template or delete it.

Please note, email templates are private by default, however, you can click the padlock icon on the template to share it with everyone on your team.

Templates that have been shared with you by your team members will appeared underneath the ones you created.

Now that your templates are setup, they will be available beneath the "Select Template" option on the Group Message screen. Templates are also available on a contact record when using "Send Message".

It is best to create your templates in Nimble or within a Google Doc. When copied and pasted, some systems such as Microsoft Word have been known to cause strange characters to appear in the body of an email after it is sent. You can always test whether these characters will appear by first sending a test message to yourself. 

Templates must not be written in HTML and must be text only. In Nimble, you can create hyperlinks, add images, and customize your fonts.

Please note that Nimble does not provide preset templates, however, our team may consider this in the future. Feel free to reach out to us at and share your feedback. 

Create a signature

Easily create an email signature for your individual and group messages.

You can easily insert an image from your desktop, customize your fonts and include hyperlinks without needing to code in HTML. Also, if you already have a signature in Gmail, Apple Mail, or another email client, all you'll have to do is copy and paste it into Nimble.

To learn more about creating an email signature, take a look at our support article here: How To Create Email Signatures In Nimble

Unsubscribe List

For any bulk email outreach, it's polite and important to give your recipients the ability to opt out. With GDPR and CAN-SPAM, an opt-out needs to be included in any of your unsolicited email outreaches. 

When someone unsubscribes from your emails, you will no longer be able to send Group Messages to them at that specific email address. You will still be able to send a one-on-one email to this contact, but the purpose of the unsubscribe button is to give bulk email recipients the option to opt out. 

The "Unsubscribe List" visible in your Email Settings, will display all contacts who have unsubscribed from your bulk email outreaches. If someone explicitly asks to be resubscribed, you may whitelist their email to add the user back to your bulk email communications. 

In addition to being able to see who has unsubscribed, you will also see who your team members have unsubscribed and/or whitelisted along with the date and the reason.

To learn more about this feature, take a look at the following: How do I unsubscribe contacts from receiving emails?

If you have any questions, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT. 

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