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Does Nimble Come Pre-populated With Leads?
Does Nimble Come Pre-populated With Leads?

Learn how to bring contacts from lead generators into Nimble for further enrichment and nurturing!

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There are some services whose main function is to generate lists of leads that may not already be in your contacts database. The leads often meet specific criteria (such as CEOs at companies in a certain industry, in a general geographic area) for their users to reach out to, either via email or phone call.

Although Nimble does not automatically generate these lists of leads on its own, if you obtain them from another service that does this and add the leads to your Nimble account, you can use our Nimble Prospector Enrichment Feature to flush out their information further - locating email addresses, phone numbers, and more - using only their first name, last name, and company name, or domain URL!

See our Prospector feature in action: 

Additionally, as you visit each of their contact records we'll run an automatic search based on the information you already have for them (name, email, etc.) to find matching social profiles and pull insights such as job title, company, location, and more!

You will also be able to use our Nimble Prospector browser extension to add the contacts to Nimble on an individual basis from these databases. Learn more here: Nimble Prospector for Google Chrome

Lastly, if you have leads from another service that allows you to export that list to a CSV file (or an Excel file, which can then be saved in CSV format), you may then import them to your Nimble account in bulk using our Nimble CSV Import Wizard!

You can also send these leads directly to the lead pipeline. For more information, click here: Nimble's Lead Pipeline Feature

By taking advantage of these features, you'll be able to effortlessly bring your leads into your account and use the additional insights you have gained about them to easily build and maintain your relationships with them, on a more personalized, relevant, and authentic level!
If you have any questions, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT.

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