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Overview of daily limits for Group Messages

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Find out your daily sending limit, which only your email provider can provide. Nimble allows you to send up to 1000 messages per license per month, based on your email provider's daily sending limit. For more details on what your email provider permits, refer to the chart below.

How it works

All Nimble Group Messages are sent from your professional/personal email address through your email service provider's SMTP Email Server. Your Nimble Group Messages will appear as a one-to-one message sent from you to your recipient, not a blast to many from an email marketing system. By sending over your personal email, you'll be more likely to gain opens, clicks, and responses to your outreach.

Currently, Nimble customers are limited to sending up to 1000 Group Messages per license, per month, with the clock reset at midnight in your time zone.
​ Note: Older Nimble accounts on our Legacy plan have a daily limit of 50 group messages. Upgrade to our Business plan on your billing page to have access to higher limits, starting at 1000 messages per month.

Primary Email Service Providers

Google Apps/Gmail Users: Google Apps for Work has proven to be the most reliable email provider that we have tested so far. You should not have any issues sending up to 1000 messages per license, per month. See more about Google SMTP limits here.

Microsoft 365 Users: Microsoft 365 is a very reliable email provider and you should not experience any issues with sending up to 1000 messages per license, per month. See more about Outlook SMTP limits here.

To send Nimble Group Messages, simply connect your account through the Microsoft 365 connector in Settings >> Networks & Imports. Full steps here: Being Nimble in Office 365  

Third-Party IMAP Email Providers: Each Email Provider sets Daily SMTP send limits and they will vary depending on your individual service provider. Please contact your email provider for more details. We have created a table below with some email provider send limits we have discovered so far. We would appreciate your feedback on your experiences so that we can improve the table.

Details on Email Providers

While Nimble offers plans for up to 1000 messages per month, the true daily limit will depend on your email provider and their email server limitations/restrictions. There is no way for Nimble to automatically detect the upper send limits for email providers, therefore, we put together the following list of known email host limits.

If you are on a service that we did not cover in the table or if you have a different experience, please contact your email host to find out your true limits.

Email Providers That Limit Email Sends Per Hour

At this time, we do not buffer Group Message sends greater than what your provider allows per hour or per day. For example, if your hourly send limit is 1000 messages and you select a contact group of 10,000, we will only send to the first 1000 contacts. We will not be able to send the additional 9,000 throughout the remainder of the day.
Therefore, if your provider does not allow for 10,000 recipients within a daily or hourly send, we recommend breaking your group into separate segments to be able to message each in accordance with your provider’s rate limits.

At this time, the most reliable email host with the largest daily send limit (2,000) is Google Apps for Work. This is what our Nimble team uses and recommends.

Known Email Host Limits:

Email service providers limit their users with specific hourly and daily send limits. We reviewed known providers and compiled the following SMTP limits. If you experience something different, please contact your email provider for more details, as they will be the best source to help.


Daily Limitations


No hourly limits

Up to 500 messages per day

Verified by Nimble

Google Apps for Work (Recommend by Nimble)

No hourly limits

Up to 2,000 emails per day

Verified by Nimble

Outlook (free service)

Up to 300 max emails per day

Verified by Nimble

Microsoft 365

5,000 messages per day (limit resets 24 hours)

Verified by Nimble


300 per hour

300 total per day

Verified by Nimble


100 messages per hour

300 messages per day

Verified by Nimble

1000 emails per hour

Verified by Nimble


250 messages per day on regular hosting

1000 messages per day on dedicated/virtual servers (contact GoDaddy for details)

Verified by Nimble


250 messages per hour

300 per day

Host Monster

300 per day


100 per day


150 per hour


300 per day

Media Temple

300 per day


300 per day

300 per day


300 per day


300 per day


300 per day

Group Message Best Practice - Always provide an opt-out

If you are sending an unsolicited email, it's always important to make sure that your recipients can opt out of an email. This is especially important to comply with CAN-SPAM and GDPR.

Insert the "Unsubscribe" link into your email signature with a message such as, "To unsubscribe, please click the link.

Price Breakdown

Nimble's Trial and Business Plan users can send up to 1000 emails per license per month at no extra cost, provided that your email provider supports this volume.

For larger group message sends, you can apply upgrades that are either recurring or one-time bulk upgrades. Save money with recurring upgrades.

Recurring Price Breakdown:



Free (Included with Business Plan)

1000 per user/month

Small bulk

$15/2,000 emails (per month)

Mid bulk

$69/10,000 emails (per month)

Huge bulk

$99/25,000 emails (per month)

One-time bulk



Small bulk

$19/2,000 emails (per month)

Mid bulk

$75/10,000 emails (per month)

Huge bulk

$110/25,000 emails (per month)

When an add-on is purchased mid-billing cycle, you will be charged a pro-rated amount and billed fully on your next month's bill. However, you'll have immediate access to the full bulk upgrade, allowing you to utilize it right away.

Note: If you want to get a general overview of our Group Messages Feature, visit our FAQ here: Group Message Overview

If you have any questions, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT. 

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