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In the Contacts tab, you can filter your contacts by different criteria.

All Contacts - View all of your and your team’s companies and contacts.

People - View all contacts you and your team have imported.

Companies - View all companies you and your team have imported.

Marked Important - View all contacts that you have starred to mark as important.

Tip: You may sort the All, Important, People, and Company lists by Last Contacted Date, Creation Date, and Name.

Recently Viewed - See the last 30 contacts you have recently viewed.

Recently Added - View contacts that were recently added.

Recently Contacted - View contacts that were recently contacted by your team via email or social media.

**Only Public conversations are shared. Private conversations do not factor into this feature.**

Stay in Touch - View contacts you marked with the “Stay in Touch” feature. For more information about this feature, please visit the following link: Stay in Touch Feature Overview

Tip: You can view your contact lists by Sales view or Contact view.

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