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HubSpot Integration Setup - Legacy Only
HubSpot Integration Setup - Legacy Only
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Note: We no longer offer the Hubspot integration to new Nimble accounts. This article is only for Legacy accounts with the integration already enabled. We will be adding more Marketing Automation features to Nimble as a proprietery add-on to Nimble in the future.

This is an overview of how to set up the HubSpot integration from within Nimble. To use this integration, you must be on at least a Professional or Enterprise subscription with Hubspot. They do not support Nimble for their Basic users.

Integration Setup
First of all, you will need to locate your Hub ID in Hubspot to connect your account to Nimble.
 To locate your Hub ID, take the following steps:
 1. Login into your Hubspot account
 2. Scroll down to the footer of the page (any Hubspot page) and write down your Hub ID

 3. Sign into Nimble, and go to Settings >> Integrations >> Hubspot
 4. Enter your Hub ID and apply a tag for your incoming leads.

 5. Enable the integration, and you will be all set up!
 Note: This integration will not work if you have customized the field names. We are only able to import through the default Hubspot field names.
 Common Questions
 How do my Hubspot leads get into Nimble?
 Each time a lead fills out one of your Hubspot forms (starting the moment you connected your Hubspot account to Nimble).
 Do you import social profile URLs to Nimble?
 No. We are unable to import social profile URLs to Nimble through Hubspot.
 How do I import my existing Hubspot leads into Nimble? (leads that came before I connected Hubspot to Nimble)
 1. In Nimble, go to Settings >> Integrations >> Hubspot
 2. Select the checkbox for Import all leads

 All leads in Hubspot will be imported into Nimble. Currently, we lack the ability to check for duplicate leads and merge them.This functionality will be coming soon!
 To remove these duplicates, please take a look at the following support article: Removing HubSpot Duplicates In Nimble
 How are the Hubspot records in Nimble updated?
 Automatic updates for a Hubspot contact record will occur only on two types of events:
 1. When a new lead has been created.
 2. When lead has re-converted, i.e. the lead filled out a 2nd form.
 A new Hubspot lead in Nimble is missing data for the fields "Found site via", "First visit", and "Recent visit". Why are they missing?
 When Hubspot captures a new lead, Hubspot engages in log processing to find out when the lead's first visit was to the website. This could take anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight to find because the lead's first visit could have been a long time ago (i.e. a year ago). "Found site via" , "First visit", and "Recent visit" data comes from Hubspot's log processing. Before Hubspot retrieves that data, those fields in Nimble will be blank. But once Hubspot finishes overnight processing, Nimble will fetch that data from Hubspot. So while those fields will be initially blank, the data should be filled out the next day unless Hubspot could not retrieve it from their log processing.
 What happens if I manually update a Hubspot record in Nimble?
 Incoming new data from Hubspot of an existing Hubspot lead (ie. the lead has re-converted) will be merged with your manually updated Hubspot record in Nimble. Keep in mind, all Hubspot-specific fields will be overwritten by new values, and these fields will be replaced by new values as well:
 First Name
 Last Name
 Company Name
 Job Title
 Is it possible to modify Hubspot-specific fields in a contact record in Nimble?
 No. At the current integration stage, it's not possible to modify Hubspot fields. Fields will be updated only when a lead has triggered another conversion event in Hubspot.
 What Hubspot fields map into Nimble?
 Here is the full list of Hubspot fields which get converted into the appropriate Nimble fields:
 First Name
 Last Name
 Job Title
 If any of the address fields are empty, Hubspot automatically detects the IP address and displays it in Nimble.
 (Note: This may not always be the case if the lead uses an Internet-anonymous proxy or similar tools)
 What fields display on Hubspot contact records in Nimble?
 Here is the list of Hubspot-specific fields which will be displayed in each Hubspot contact record in Nimble, located on a separate tab called "Hubspot" in the contact profile view:
 Hs Email Delivered
 Hs Email Open
 Hs Email Click
 Hs Email Bounce
 Hs Social Last Engagement
 Hs Social Num Broadcast Clicks
 Hs Social Twitter Clicks
 Hs Social Facebook Clicks
 Hs Social Google Plus Clicks
 Hs Analytics Num Page Views
 Hs Analytics First Url
 Hs Analytics Num Visits
 Hs Analytics Num Event Completions
 Hs Analytics First Timestamp
 Hs Analytics Last Timestamp
 Hs Analytics Last Url
 Hs Analytics Source
 Hs Analytics Source Data 1
 Hs Analytics Source Data 2
 Hs Analytics First Referrer
 Hs Analytics Last Referrer
 Hs Other Profile Url
 Hs Other Ip Location
 Hs Other Visitor Id
 Hs Other Portal Id
 Here is an example Hubspot lead in Nimble:

 What happens if I delete a Hubspot contact record in Nimble?
 If you delete a Hubspot contact in Nimble, and that contact triggered another conversion event in Hubspot (filled a 2nd form), the record will be created again in Nimble during the next Hubspot update.
 How often will my Hubspot leads update in Nimble?
 Your new and existing Hubspot leads will update once every four hours.
 Does Hubspot sync both ways to Nimble?
 No, but you can set up an External Web Page tab for Hubspot in Settings >> Integrations and you can view your lead's Hubspot profile while you are on their Nimble profile. For more details on external webpages, please visit our article here: Enable External Web Pages in Nimble.
 Once you have this set up, you will be able to view leads in Nimble like in our example below:

If you have any questions, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT. 

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