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Last Contacted Feature Overview
Last Contacted Feature Overview

This is an overview of the Last Contacted feature in Nimble.

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The "Last Contacted" value on a contact or company record will show the last date of any inbound or outbound interaction you or your team have with your contacts.

Communications that affect the Last Contacted date:

What doesn't affect the Last Contacted date?

  • Stay In Touch reminders

  • Logged Tasks

  • Deals

The best way to update the last contacted date manually would be to create a custom activity type or log a call with a resolution.

How do I see the Last Contacted date?

The Last Contacted feature will display in both the Contacts tab and on a Contact Record. When you view a Contact Record, you'll see the last date of contact between you and your contact.

From the Contacts tab, you will see all contacts that were recently contacted by your team.

How to: Sort Segments by Last Contacted date

If you have an important list of leads, you will definitely benefit by sorting your list by Last Contacted. Here's an example:

As you'll see below, you can sort this list in ascending or descending order for better organization of your leads.

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