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Be productive while preparing for events by utilizing the Nimble add-in for Microsoft Teams meeting experience. This app provides Nimble users with the tools that they need to prepare for meetings. Including information on meeting participants from their contact records, the ability to take in-app notes during the meeting that will sync to Nimble and send follow-up emails after the meeting that are trackable for opens/clicks.

Nimble's add-in for the Teams meeting experience is available pre-meeting, during the meeting and after the meeting.


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Adding the Nimble App to Microsoft Teams

To add the app, first create the event and add attendees. Once the event is created, select it and choose "Edit".

Click the "+" sign then search for Nimble to locate the app. Select the app then choose "Add".

You will then be prompted to log into your Microsoft account.

Please note: If you have an existing Nimble account, ensure that the email address for this account matches the email address for your Microsoft account. Ensure these addresses match as to avoid creating a new Nimble account with your Microsoft address.

Once logged into your Microsoft account, click "Open" to access the widget.

For each event, you will need to re-add the extension. We are working with Microsoft to improve upon this limitation.

Please make sure you have the Microsoft 365 calendar associated with your Teams Meeting account connected to Nimble. Learn how to connect it here:

Pre-meeting: Nimble WorkSpace

To access the Nimble WorkSpace, click "Nimble Contacts at the top.

You will now see the following sections:


The Agenda section will display the details of the event. Including the date, time, description and meeting links.

Meeting attendees

All event attendees will appear within this list. Click on an attendee to get a minimalist view of their contact record showing the most relevant information which includes:

  • Top card (Avatar, Name, Company, Title, bio)

  • Social networks

  • Last Contacted date/Stay in touch

  • Owner of the contact (only for contacts)

  • Quick Fields widget (only for contacts)

  • Smart Summary

  • Save Contacts (only for live profile)

If a person does not exist in your Nimble account, you will get the opportunity to build a live profile and add that person to your database.

This really helps you to get a quick refresher on who the person is before launching the meeting.

Meeting Notes

This section enables you to take notes about the meeting. We recommend using this section to take notes during the meeting. With this, you'll get the option to sync these notes to the related contact record in your Nimble account once the event has past.


Use the Follow-up section to message the attendees after a meeting has taken place.

During the meeting: App in Video Conference

Another place that you can use this integration is within a meeting video conference.

To launch a meeting, just click "Join" to launch the Microsoft video conference. Click "Join now" and once logged in, you'll see the app at the top.

Clicking this will open the workspace where you will then be able to see the agenda, meeting notes, follow-up, and meeting attendees.

Click "Edit" under Meeting Notes or Follow Up to log any necessary information. The information that you enter during the meeting will display back in the Nimble workspace.

Post Meeting: Sending follow ups

After an event has past, you can revisit that event to send a message to the attendees or log the meeting notes to the records of the attendees.

To do this, just locate the past event, click on it then choose "Edit". At the top, choose the Nimble workspace.

You will now see two new options for meeting notes and follow up.

Under Meeting Notes, you will see the option to "Save as Note to Nimble".

To save as a note to the attendees, make sure that all attendees are contacts in your account then choose "Save as Note to Nimble". The event will display on all attendee's records.

Under Follow Up, you will see the option to "Send follow up".

To follow up with all attendees, click this option and a separate window with the Nimble composer will appear. The title of the event will be the name of the subject line and the details you've added in the follow up section will be in the message body. All attendees will be added to the message as well.

Messages sent from Nimble are done from your connected email accounts. Ensure that you have connected an email account to Nimble prior to taking this step. Learn more here: Get Started: Connecting Your Email and Social Accounts To Nimble

Additionally, when you send messages from Nimble, you get the option to track the message for Open/Clicks as well as send templated messages. For more information about this, please take a look at the following:

If you have any questions, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT.

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