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Sync Contacts to your Workflows via Zapier
Sync Contacts to your Workflows via Zapier
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Sync contacts via Zapier to the Nimble Workflow. You may be storing your contacts in an app that does not allow you to effectively manage and engage them. To ensure you are keeping track of them, you can use a third-party integrator such as Zapier to sync contacts to Nimble and add them directly to your workflow.

To do this, you must first copy your Workflow ID from within Nimble.

In Nimble...

Visit Settings >> Workflows and select the pipeline you would like to import the contacts to. Scroll to the bottom and you'll see the Workflow ID under Add Contacts from External Services. Select "Click to Copy ID".

In Zapier...

Now that you have the Workflow ID, open Zapier and set up the integration to connect Nimble with another app.

When setting up actions for Nimble, there will be a field titled "Lead_Stage". Paste the Workflow ID into this field and all contacts will go into the corresponding pipeline in Nimble.

To learn more about the workflow feature, check out the following:

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