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Nimble's Templated Workflow Feature
What is Nimble's Templated Workflow Feature
What is Nimble's Templated Workflow Feature

Workflows enable teams to manage processes company-wide in graphical board and list views

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Nimble’s Workflow feature enables you and your team to track all of your most important processes in one place. When you receive a new lead, contact, or company, your team can skip the spreadsheets and add them directly to a workflow to begin the nurturing process; moving the person along from stage to stage until a successful outcome is reached.

Workflow Automation is now available in Nimble. To learn more about this new feature, check out the following support article: Automation for Workflows

Business teams can use the many ready-to-use Workflow templates or build custom workflows with the fields they need to manage any repeatable business process. Nimble Workflows comes with dozens of ready-to-use pre-built templates designed for common repeatable business processes in sales, marketing, customer services, finance, business development as well as vertical applications in real estate, recruiting, and more. Furthermore, contacts can be added to workflows from anywhere: inbox, web, mobile, webforms.

This type of collaboration makes it easy for you and your team to observe the progress you are making on qualifying leads, managing projects, recruiting, goal setting, and much more. Whatever your business of operation may be, you can create a team structure that enables members to visualize all the steps necessary to reach their goals with prospects and customers.

Let’s take a look at some of the most useful features of workflows in Nimble:

  • Setup Workflows and Templates - Use an industry-specific template or create your own. This gives you control over the creation of your processes to ensure you are getting the results you need to grow your business

  • Automation for Workflows - Save time by automating important business processes using this feature

  • Import contact and companies - Streamline your processes by adding contacts to workflows from your email inbox, websites, web forms, social media, business apps like our Prospector App, or via apps like Zapier or via Nimble’s API

  • Contact Organization and Engagement - By skipping the spreadsheets and adding contacts directly to your workflow, you gain the benefit of tracking past and future interactions to build stronger relationships

  • Boards and Lists View - Progress your leads and contacts from one stage to the next either in the Boards or Lists view. Use inline editing to make quick changes to the information you have on your contacts

  • Convert To Deals - After pre-qualifying leads, you can convert them to a deal, tracking them on multiple pipelines

  • Workflow Reporting - Segmentation can be used to pull reports that can help you to better understand how your team is performing and analyze how to improve upon your customer’s experience

  • Workflow Privacy - Manage who on your team can create, archive, and edit workflows and everything associated with them

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What Else Can I Do With Workflows?

In addition to what has been mentioned, you can also do the following:

  • If you are an admin, you have the ability to set who on your team can create workflows and stages. To learn more about privacy, take a look at the following: Nimble Privacy Settings - How to Manage Groups

  • Delegate leads and contacts to a team member using Contact Ownership then monitor the progress your associates are making by sorting boards and lists by assigned owner

  • Tag contacts then sort boards and cards to only show related contacts

  • Add company records to Workflows. However, this does not add all employees of the company to the workflow, only the company record itself

  • Sync contacts from third-party app connectors such as Zapier. Just use the Workflow ID to set up the integration through Zapier

  • This feature is not available for the Legacy plan, so upgrade today!

  • Reports for Workflows are just around the corner. For now, you can use Segmentation to pull a report listing

We would love to hear your feedback or questions about our latest feature, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT.

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