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Using Workflow's Boards and Lists
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Some tasks are one-and-done while others require more strategy and coordination. For those projects that require you and your team’s attention, you’ll need more than a to-do list. You’ll need a system that lets you visualize the big picture while keeping track of all the moving pieces. That’s where Kanban Boards and Lists come in.

Kanban Boards and Lists provide a visual of your team’s productivity. Using contact cards, you can track the progress your team is making with leads and contacts from start to finish so nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Creating a workflow

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to set up a few workflows. To do this just visit your Workflows tab and choose "Add New Workflow".

You’ll then be able to create a workflow from scratch or choose from an industry-specific workflow template. Go through the steps of setting up your workflow which will include naming the workflow, adding a description, creating stages, unsuccessful exit reasons, and board card fields.

When creating a stage, you can set an Expected Days which indicates how long a contact can be in that stage before it is considered stuck. You can then choose to advance the contact or remove it from the workflow.

When you’re done, click “Create Workflow.

If you ever need to add or modify your workflow stages, just click “Modify Stages”.

Contact cards

Now that your workflow is set up, you can start adding existing or new leads/contacts to it. To do this, just click “Add Contact” at the top. There are many different ways to add contacts, you can find more options here: How to add contacts to your workflows

The contact will be added to your workflow as a card. Each contact card will display the most relevant information which is usually the fields you have selected when choosing Board Card Fields for your workflow.

Board card fields are set up as a default for all team members. However, each user has the ability to Configure Fields and either add existing or custom fields that will then display on the contact card.

As a contact progresses, you can drag and drop it from one stage to the next. When it reaches the final stage, you can click the three dots and choose the appropriate outcome. You can Exit Successful, Exit Unsuccessful, or Convert to Deal.

Board View

Within the Board view, you can move your cards across columns from left to right as it progresses through each phase of the project.

Contact Cards can be filtered by tags and assignees as well as sorted by name and date.

Use "Configure Fields" to choose which fields display on a Contact card. These fields can be updated by going to the contact record or using in-line editing while in the list view.

When a deal has exceeded the amount of Expected Days that has been set for that stage, Nimble will display a red "Stuck" flag on the deal which will show the number of days it has been stuck.

You can then determine whether the deal should be advanced to the next stage or removed from the pipeline.

List View

This view consists of rows and columns much like a spreadsheet grouped by the stage they are in. You can quickly update contact details such as job title, employment, location, etc. using inline editing. Or advance a contact to the next stage by selecting from the drop-down list.

You can choose which fields display in the List view by selecting fields from "Configure Table". We will default to the fields you selected for the Workflow Board Cards.

Under the "Stage" filter, you can choose to exclude certain contacts from the list if they do not fall under a specific stage.

When a deal has exceeded the amount of Expected Days that has been set for that stage, Nimble will display the date in red text in the Expected Closed Date column in the pipeline.


Similar to the List view, this view consists of rows and columns much like a spreadsheet grouped by the stage they are in. They will display contact cards that have been marked successful or unsuccessful based on the workflow they were closed in.

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