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How to add contacts to your workflows
How to add contacts to your workflows
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There are a few ways you can add contacts to your workflows in Nimble - inside the app, using a CSV import, API key, or the Prospector App. Here’s how each of these options works.

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to set up a few workflows, click here to learn how: What is Nimble's Templated Workflow Feature

From inside the app

Now that you have created your workflow, you can start adding new or existing contacts to them. Contacts can be added directly to Nimble within the Workflows tab.

Just click "Add Contact" and from here, you’ll get the option to search for an existing contact or add a new person or company.

Choosing an existing contact will add them directly to the workflow you are currently on.

If you create a new contact, you’ll get the option to choose which workflow and stage to place them in. You can also fill out other desired fields.

Once created, the contact will be added to the stage on your Board or within your List. On the contact record, you will see a new section called "Current Workflows" which shows all active workflows pertaining to that contact. A contact can belong to more than one workflow at a time.

New contacts can also be added to the workflow from within the Contacts tab. Just click "Add person" then choose "Add to Workflow".

Or send a group of contacts to a workflow within the Contacts tab. Just select the contacts and choose "Actions". Select "Add to Workflow" and choose the workflow they are sent to.

You can also add/convert an existing contact to a workflow as the "Add to Workflow" option is visible on all records.

A new sub-tab titled "Workflows" will be added to their records which you can use to document the contact's progress and advance them to the next stage.

This sub-tab will also keep a history of past workflows the contact has been in and will indicate whether the contact was successful or unsuccessful in advancing.

Import Contacts Using a CSV File

You can assign a group of contacts to a workflow by performing a CSV import. To do this, just visit Settings >> Networks & Imports and locate the CSV importer.

On the third page of the import process, you will see the section titled "Workflow" where you'll have the option to add the contacts to a selected workflow.

To learn more about importing contacts, please take a look at the following:

Import Contacts Using API Key

If you have created your own custom form to submit contacts through the Nimble API and would like to have those contacts sent to a workflow, then you can achieve this by copying our Workflow ID and adding this to your form.

To access the Workflow ID, visit Settings >> Workflows and select the workflow you would like these contacts to sync to. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the section titled "Add Contacts from External Services.

Select "Click to Copy ID" and use this to connect Nimble with your form. You can also use this to integrate other third-party apps with Nimble or with an integrator such as Zapier. Learn more here: Sync Contacts to your Workflows via Zapier

Import Contacts using Nimble's Prospector App

The Prospector App enables users to take Nimble with them anywhere they go on the web. It allows users to gather insights on the potential and existing contacts then import those contacts to their Nimble database. With this feature, you can now add contacts directly to your workflow through the app.

Removing a contact from a workflow

If you happened to place your contact in a workflow where they do not belong, then you can quickly remove them. Just visit their contact record and under "Opportunities" you will see the workflows they are currently in.

Click the dropdown arrow next to the stage they are in then select "Remove from Workflow".

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