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If you are using Workflows to track leads or other sales processes and need to further your negotiations with the contact, it can be converted into a deal. Once a lead reaches a certain stage, it can be qualified as a deal and thoust converted to one.

When converting a lead to a deal, that lead is added to the Primary Contact field on the deal. This will link the contact to the deal. The contact is also exited from the workflow as successful.

To convert a lead to a deal, take these steps:

  1. Click the Workflow tab

  2. Select the Workflow that the lead is in

  3. Select the lead to be converted

  4. On the contact card, choose the three dots

  5. Choose “Convert to deal”

  6. Fill out the Deal form

The Deal's form will appear auto-populated with the contact in the "Primary Contact" field.

Once the form is filled out, it will create a new deal on the selected pipeline within your Deals tab.

To learn more about Deals, take a look at the following: Nimble's Deal Tab Overview

You can also convert a group of contacts to deals.

To do this, visit the List view within the Workflows tab. Select a group of contacts then choose Actions >> Convert to deal. You'll then be able to choose which pipelines to add the deals to.

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