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Why are messages not syncing/sending?
Why are messages not syncing/sending?

Learn how to correct any issues with message sync/sending

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If you are experiencing an issue when sending messages from Nimble or not seeing recent messages syncing to Nimble, there could be a few reasons why. This troubleshooting guide will help you get to the bottom of the issue.

First, understand how to set up your email accounts:

For tips on how to connect your email accounts to Nimble, take a look at the following support article: Get Started: Connecting Your Email and Social Accounts To Nimble

Reasons your messages are not sending/syncing:

1) The email account may not be properly connected to Nimble. Ensure your email account is properly connected and not displaying any error messages. Typically, when you are unable to send a message, it means the account has not yet been connected or there is an error.

Visit Settings >> Networks & Imports and check for any errors on the Nimble account. If there is an error message, you will see a red triangle on your connected email account. Hovering over the icon will elaborate on the type of error it is:

As an example, you may have an Invalid Credentials error message, which indicates that you've changed either your email or password at some point. In this case, you will need to click "Refresh Credentials" to resolve the issue.

To refresh credentials, click "Actions" next to the red triangle then choose "Refresh Credentials".

If the issue continues after refreshing credentials, you may need to fully disconnect and reconnect the account.

Please note that once you disconnect your email account, all messages will be removed from Nimble. When you reconnect, we'll sync the last 90 days' worth of messages and move forward from that point. If this is a concern for you, please reach out to us at for possible solutions.

2) If the above solutions do not help, consider whether you have enabled two-factor authentication for your email account. If so, some email providers will require you to create an app-specific password in order to connect. Please generate an app-specific password then refresh your connection with Nimble using the password you created.

Full steps for Microsoft 365 users can be found here: Create an app password for Microsoft 365

If you are seeing a Prefetch Error, please take a look at this article:

3) If messages are not syncing to the contact record - Check the contact record and make sure the email address on the record matches the email address on the message that was sent. The email address will need to appear in the To, From: or CC: field.

If the email address is in the BCC: field, it will not display on the contact record.

Full details can be found in this support article:

If you continue to experience issues, please share a screenshot with us at and we'll be happy to further assist :)

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