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Using Deal's Pipeline and Lists
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Nimble's Deal feature enables you to track your sales opportunities on multiple pipelines and lists. This provides you and your team with a visual of your sales productivity. Using deal cards, you can track the progress your team is making from start to finish so nothing gets lost in the process.

Creating a pipeline

If you haven't already, you'll want to set up a few pipelines. To do this, visit your Deals tab and choose "Add Deal Pipeline".

You'll then be able to create a pipeline from scratch. With the ability to name the pipeline, add a description, choose stages, set custom fields, and lost reasons.

For full details on creating Deal Pipelines, check out the following article:

If you ever need to add or modify your workflow stages, just click "Modify Stages".

Deal Cards

Now that you have created your pipelines, you can start adding new deals. To do this, just click "New Deal" at the top. There are many different ways to add deals to your pipelines. You can find more details here: How to add contacts to your pipeline

After clicking "New Deal", the following fields will be available to populate:

  • Deal Name - Create a name for the deal

  • Amount - Add the amount of the deal

  • Probability - Add how likely the deal is to happen

  • Pipeline and Stage - Choose which pipeline and stage it should be in

  • Deal Owner and Privacy - Determine who should be the owner of the deal and the privacy

  • Deal Description - Add the deal description

  • Related Contacts - Link multiple participants to the deal and note their role

  • Tags - Organize your deals into groups

  • Custom Fields - Populate the custom fields setup for the pipeline

The deal will be added to your pipeline as a card. Each deal card will display the most relevant information including the pipeline custom fields.

Clicking on the deal card will provide you with a brief overview of the deal details. To see full details, click "Go to Detailed View".

If you'd like to change the order of the card fields, just click on "Configure Fields". You can then drag and drop the fields to rearrange them.

As a deal progresses, you can drag and drop it from one stage to the next. When it reaches the final stage, you can click the three dots and choose the appropriate outcome. You can mark the deal as Won or Lost. You can also choose to Move to a different stage or delete the deal.

Pipeline View

With the Pipeline view, you can move your deals across columns from left to right as they progress through each phase of the sales process.

Deal cards can be filtered by tags and assignees as well as sorted by name and creation date.

Use "Configure Fields" to choose which fields display on a Contact card. Deselecting the blue checkmark will remove the field from the deal card. These fields can be updated by going to the deal record or using in-line editing while in the list view.

You can also "Collapse Fields" to space on the pipeline.

When a deal is complete, you can drag it toward the bottom of the pipeline and place it in "Won" or "Lost". You'll then be prompted to add the amount, close date, and notes.

List View

This view consists of rows and columns much like a spreadsheet grouped by the stage they are in. Each stage will show the number of deals, the total amount, and the projected weight of all deals in that stage.

You can quickly update deal info such as stage, amount, description, etc. using inline editing. Or advance a deal to the next stage by selecting from the drop-down list.

You can choose which fields display in the List view by selecting fields from "Configure Fields". We will default to the fields you selected for the Pipeline. In List view, you can also group deals by Stages, Owner, or No Grouping.

Selecting multiple deals will allow you to apply a tag to that group of deals.

Won and Lost View

When a deal is won or lost, it will be filtered in the respective list and sorted by the stage it was closed on. You'll be able to see the amount that was won or lost by stage.

To pull reports for your deals, visit the Reports tab. Learn more about this here: Reporting tab

We would love to hear your feedback or questions about our latest feature, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT.

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