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Nimble's Group Message Billing Details
Nimble's Group Message Billing Details
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Upgrade your email sending amount to send higher volumes of group messages. Whether you're looking to expand your outreach, streamline communication with larger groups, or enhance collaboration within your team, increasing your group message-sending amount can provide greater flexibility and efficiency in your messaging efforts.

How it works:

Nimble send messages from your connected email accounts. Check out this article to learn how to connect your email account: Get Started: Connecting Your Email and Social Accounts To Nimble

Each email account has a daily sending limit. To discover your daily sending limit, please refer to your email provider. You may also find your provider in this article: Group Message Sending Limits

Nimble's Trial and Business Plan users can send up to 1000 emails per license per month at no extra cost, provided that your email provider supports this volume.

For larger group message sends, you can apply upgrades that are either recurring or one-time bulk upgrades. Save money with recurring upgrades.

Recurring Price Breakdown:



Free (Included with Business Plan)

1000 per user/month

Small bulk

$15/2,000 emails (per month)

Mid bulk

$69/10,000 emails (per month)

Huge bulk

$99/25,000 emails (per month)

One-time bulk



Small bulk

$19/2,000 emails (per month)

Mid bulk

$75/10,000 emails (per month)

Huge bulk

$110/25,000 emails (per month)

When an add-on is purchased mid-billing cycle, you will be charged a pro-rated amount and billed fully on your next month's bill. However, you'll have immediate access to the full bulk upgrade, allowing you to utilize it right away.

How To Upgrade:

To upgrade your group emails, visit your Settings >> Billings, and under Group Emails, you'll see the option to "Modify Emails".

From here, choose "Add Recurring" or "Buy email bulk" and click the plus sign to increase the limit on your preferred sending amount.

You can also remove the upgrade at any time by clicking the minus sign to remove it.

If your purchase exceeds your email provider's daily sending limit, you'll need to divide the total amount over several days. For instance, if you've upgraded to 25,000 emails per month, but your provider allows only 2,000 emails per day, you won't be able to send all 25,000 in a day and you'll need to distribute the daily sending across the month.

You cannot upgrade your group email sends while on the 14-day trial.

Please note: Microsoft plan will have group email options of 5,000 for Team accounts, and 10,000 for Enterprise accounts, no trial is required.

If you have any questions, please write us at, initiate a chat from this FAQ, or join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT.

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