If you see the "Prefetch Error" message next to your email account in Nimble, it means that we are unable to connect to your email account to sync messages. 

If you receive this message for Gmail / G Suite email, you will need to make sure that your Gmail account is configured to allow for IMAP connections in your Gmail settings. 

Fix it with the following steps:


1. Refresh your network connection.

Click the "Refresh Network Connection" option on your connected Gmail account in Settings >> Networks & Imports. 


If this does not correct the issue, please take the following instructions:

2. Make sure IMAP is enabled in your mail settings. 

In Gmail, go to Settings >> Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Under "Status" make sure that the box is marked for “IMAP is Enabled”.

3. Confirm your connection in the Nimble settings. 

In Nimble, select the "Refresh Network Connection" again in your Settings >> Networks & Imports. 

If the "Prefetch Error" persists, you may need to reconnect your Gmail account. To do this, click the "X" on the connected Gmail account then reconnect the account.

Please note - disconnecting the account will remove all synced emails from Nimble. These emails will still display in your Gmail account. When you reconnect, we will map the last 90 days worth of emails and move forward from that point.

G Suite Email Accounts: 

If this is a Gmail account on a G Suite / Google Apps domain, you will also need to check that IMAP is enabled by following the steps outlined here:


After verifying that both of these settings allow IMAP, reconnect your Gmail account in your Settings >> Networks & Imports.
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